Written by Brian

10 Mar 2005

I met Shirley when she came into the store looking for a kitchen. I was the Kitchen Consultant in one of the big 'Sheds' in Bristol and, seeing her looking round the displays, went up and asked if I could help. She told me that she was looking to replace her kitchen, I told her that the best thing was for me to go round to the house and measure up, discuss what she wanted, then choose which design she approved. So that is what we did.

I was in my mid sixties at the time, Shirley in her late forties. She was no raving beauty and had no appreciably good figure either, as far as I could see, nevertheless there was something about her and she was very easy to talk to. I made an appointment then went and measured up the kitchen, which was in an ex-council house that she and her husband had bought and were in the process of up-dating. Like most council houses built in the late sixties early seventies the rooms were large, but despite this they had knocked the kitchen and dining room into one.

I laid out a proposed kitchen which featured a peninsular unit to partly separate the kitchen from the dining area. Apparently they hadn't thought of that and she obviously liked it. I left the plan with her to show her husband, She had been very chatty while I was in the house and discovered that she had one son and two daughters all married and that she used to work in the Wills tobacco factory, practically everyone in that area had worked for Wills' at sometime or other and had very fond memories of their time there.

A couple of days later Shirley came in and ordered the kitchen, we were together some considerable time as I had to work out a complete list of everything required. She seemed quite impressed by the amount of work required and my determination to get everything right. Her two daughters had come with her, two rather unattractive women in their early twenties, they soon became bored and wandered off looking round the store. When it came time to pay we were waiting in the queue at the check-out and Shirley said it was a pity to be indoors on such a lovely day, it was very sunny and hot. I agreed and she then said, not that she had anywhere to sunbathe, without really thinking about it I replied that we had a lovely patio at home that had the sun most of the day and she was welcome to come and see for herself. She laughed but didn't comment, her daughters were in the queue with us and Shirley told me long after that they had taken exception to my remark. Which, I suppose, tells what sort of people they were.

Shirley had told me that her husband and son would be installing the kitchen, which was a relief, fitting was always one of the constant problems. A couple of weeks later the kitchen came in and I rang her to arrange delivery. When it was delivered I had to go and check everything off to make sure that there were no missing or damaged pieces, I was naturally there for some time. Shirley made coffee and we chatted non-stop.

Now, and I can't explain it, I had become very attracted to Shirley. I think it must have been her personality and, perhaps, she was dressing much more attractively. She had nice legs and she obviously wore a very light bra which under a thin blouse revealed good breasts. I asked her about the social life at Wills' and didn't she miss it. I was surprised at the vehemence of her reply when she told me that it had been the best time of her life and how much she missed it. "Any men?" I ventured, she went quiet thensaid that she'd rather not answer that.

Later on I asked what she would do if someone asked her out now, "You mean you, don't you? I need to think about that, I'll give you an answer when you come back from your holiday." she replied. I had previously told her that we were going to Turkey once more for two weeks. For some reason I never considered that she would say no.

When I came back the kitchen was largely installed but there was one snag, the built in fridge had a faulty hinge. I told her that I could get and fit a new one. We had a cup of coffee and talked about our holiday, then I asked her if she had thought about what I had asked her. She replied that she had and she would like me to meet her one evening, 'no strings'. "Of course," I replied, "I wouldn't dream of asking you to do anything you wouldn't be happy with." But we kissed and that kiss told me that she was really interested for she pressed up against me so that I could feel her breasts and pubis.

It took forever to get that hinge replacement, but three weeks later I was able to ring her and make an appointment to go and fit it. I was a little disappointed when I arrived for she was wearing some completely enveloping garment, nevertheless she greeted me with a kiss. Replacing the hinge took more time than I thought but I eventually managed it and I stood up.

"Brian," Shirley said, she was sitting on a stool against the far wall and, as I looked up she lifted her dress. She had nothing on underneath and was showing me her sex with her legs open. The plump little swelling had a very small patch of dark hair on top, she was obviously aroused as her lips were slightly open revealing the inner lips which were glistening with moisture and becoming fuller.

"Christ!" I said involuntarily, I moved closer and kneeling in front of her kissed her fanny. She gasped, whatever she expected, it wasn't that. She was wet and when I rose and kissed her mouth we both tasted her. She clung to me and I caressed her breasts through her clothes. "Let's go upstairs!" she panted.

She led me to a bedroom and took the dress off, nothing at all under it, I stripped and her eyes immediately went to my cock. "Show me," I said and she parted her legs, I had a good look at her very attractive fanny. Lovely rounded lips parted to show the inner ones and her clit prominent between them. "How beautiful," I murmured. I leaned forward and kissed her mouth. "Do you find it exciting to be looked at?" I asked.

"Oh yes, very," she replied, "and it's exciting to look at yours, I haven't seen one for a long time."

"What about John?", her husband.

"I haven't seen his.... hard, for years, he's never been very good at sex."

"I am," I told her.

"That's why I want you, I thought you would be. I know I'm probably not the only one but there's nothing to beat experience."

"I guess I'm not the first then?"

"No, I did have a lover years ago, when I was at Wills'. He was a lot better than John, but I have a feeling that you'll be better still! The way you kissed my fanny, I've never had that before."

"Did you like it?"

"Oh yes! I've often wondered what oral sex would be like, I ccould only guess what happened."

"What happens is this," I replied and went down on her. I kissed the insides of her thighs right up in the groove, then either side of her vulva. Then I ran my tongue up and down her outer lips several times, by which time she was breathing heavily. Now she really was wide open and I licked inside the cave of her sex, followed it by tongue- fucking her and teasing her clit before sucking all the delicate flesh into my mouth and expelling it through tightly pursed lips. She howled and shuddered and I slid up and entered her, kissing her at the same time. Of course my face was slick with her love-juice and as we parted she licked it off. "Nice, isn't it?" I said.

"Oh God yes!" she panted, "I've never tasted myself before, I thought it would be nasty and it isn't." I fucked her gently using the full length of my seven inches, "Oh God, that's so nice! I've never been done like this before!" she told me.

I must have fucked her for about twenty minutes before I felt myself nearing the end, "It's alright," she told me, "come inside me!" I got onto the short hard strokes and ejaculated. She howled again as I spurted fiercely up her.

"Christ, Shirley! The neighbours will hear you!"

"I can't help it, I think I'm coming!" she replied, shuddering and convulsing beneath me, "I've never got there with a man before!" There was no doubt in my mind, my wife came easily and I knew all the signs. Even after I'd come I kept thrusting just to keep her going until she finally relaxed.

"Nice?" I asked, "Are you fucked?"

"Oh! I most certainly am! I never ever thought sex could be like that, I knew you'd be good, Brian." We relaxed with me lying on top, she wouldn't let me take it out. Finally it slipped out, I could feel the spunk oozing but she didn't move. Eventually she said, "Darling I've never had sex like that, I didn't want to let you go, promise me that you'll do me again, it won't be a one-off, will it?"

"No, sweetheart, of course it won't, you felt so wonderful inside that I'll never forget it."

"You must have had loads of women, you're that sort, not that I mind," she added hastily, "it's just that it's such a compliment!"

"Sorry if I'm crude, Shirley, but you have such a beautiful cunt, I shall dream about it, what it looks like, what it feels like and how you come. Now that was a compliment, lots of women never come when they're doing it, but you did."

"Couldn't help it, wouldn't have believed it if anyone had told me that I'd come while I was being.... well... you know.....fucked. I know that's what it was, we don't love each other, do we? So it was just sex, fucking, but how wonderful!"

"What did you mean when you said that you had never come with a man?"

"Oh just that, not having any sex for years, I have a shower every day and I do it to myself. You know, fantasising, making myself come."

"Oh...... I'd love to see you doing that sometime."

"Oh I expect you will, come on we'd better get up othrwise they'll be wondering where you've got to."

We got up and showered together, that was nice too. Then Shirley said, when we were dressed and downstairs, "Look, Brian.... I took a big risk doing this today, either of my daughters could have called, for some reason they're both very suspicious of you. Thing is, I wanted to do it in bed the first time, but in future we'd better do it in the car or out in the open somewhere."

"Okay, darling, that's no problem."

"What about your wife, won't she be suspicious?"

"No, she's used to me coming home any time up to midnight because I do a lot of work in the evenings. I reckon that when I have an evening call, if you can get out then we can go somewhere quiet and love each other, would you like that?"

She kissed me, "If it's anything like today, of course I would!" We kissed again and I left.

I suppose we must have met and had wonderful sex about half a dozen times the, the next time I rang to make a date, one of her daughters answered. I knew that Shirley had a friend who had the same name as my wife, so I hastily said that I was the husband of that friend and could I speak to Shirley. She replied in a very guarded manner, I told her that I understood, told her that I loved her and rang off. I was never able to speak to her again, it was agony not knowing what had happened, but that's life I suppose.

I've often thought about her and how she felt to me when we made love and how happy it made her doing it. I still hold in my mind pictures of her fanny and how she looked when she was coming. She did indeed masturbate for me after we'd had sex one evening, but it was obvious that the orgasms she had with me were more meaningful to her and I hope she remembers me fondly.