Written by Christine

28 May 2004

I live in a large town in the North East and have recently been introduced to BDSM and never understood the pleasure till now.

I had been to my new friends house before, for a girlie night and for a swapping evening, but this was a day time meet, new to me.

Jan greeted me at the door and we went through to the rear of the house. There were three other girls, Vicki, early 20s, and Jackie and Chris,mid thirties, Jan and I are the wrong side of 40, all were sedatly drinking coffee.

Jan quickly changed the mood, she walked behind the chair Jackie was sitting on and started to massage Jackies neck and her hands quickly moved inside Jackies blouse, Chris had moved over too, kneeling in front of Jackie Kissing her legs whilst her hands went up her skirt. I was mesmeried and could feel myself getting excited and was rubbing myself through my skirt, young Vicki said she would help and sat on the arm of my chair and started to deep kiss me whilst she pushed her hand into bra and grabbed nipples very hard, they stung but stood erect and felt great. Vicki, quickly had my to and bra off, lay me on the floor sat astride and using my nipple as a dildo on her clit, she was very rough but it felt good.

The other three quickly came over in various state undress Vicki was hauled off me and bent over the arm of a chair and was spanked by Jan, Chris and Jackie led me through the garden to the outhouse, it was a lovely building which had been a stable or servants block. I was going to be the play thing for the day. Jackie and Chris tied me to a bed spread eagled and one each side started to suck my nipples. Jan came in and through Vickii, between my legs and told her tit fuck me and I could feel this small nipple play on my clit it felt so good, my clit was geting hard and erect, my nipples were aching from the attention of the other two and I was squirming with pleasure and I moaned and cried out with delight.At that every one moved back, Jan was standing over me and said that I was there to give them pleasure not to enjoy myself, The girls grabbed at my nipples and roughly applied bulldog clips to them I cried out with pain, but it felt unbelievable, the feeling that rushes through you, if you have not tried it girls do you do not know what you have missed, Jan sat on my face the aroma the pain the pleasure, I licked and enjoyed her and she had what later found out to be a violin bow and was gently pulling it over my clit, this was sheer heaven, i could hear the others were enjoying them selves and they all took turns to lick finger then fist me to ahuge multple orgasm, Vckii then fucked my well fingered and lubricated arse with a strap on.And anther earth shatering orgasm. I was also firmly paddled for enjoying myself. totally exhausted and pleasure we went to the nearby pub for lunch, before going back to Jans to meet her new friend a young man she met through a site, he promised to serve and we were there to that he did but that is another story.