Written by Christine

1 May 2004

If you have read the 3 parts of Ladies Night you will no what has happened, well Joan phoned and asked me to meet her and Marion. I was anxious, but turned on, I am 40, slim but with a good bust, Joan is a larger lady just 50 and Marion is slim tall and 50+.

Joan picked me up as arranged and then went to a large house on the outskirts of town, where we were greeted by Jan, a tall elegant lady, very attractive about 45, cut glass accent. Joan introduced me, and we went through to an elegant room, where Marion was already there with vicki, a young girl, about 20. Vicki, got us drinks, and we all sat there chatting, not what I expected, but Jan sat on a couch next to Vicki, then out of the blue Joan introduced our first meeting into the conversation and said that I had I seemed to enjoy it, I blurted out my agreement. Jan then said we had better go through and we all trooped through to an out house, it must have been a stable block or similar converted to a very smart room. Music was playing, and Jan started dancing with Vcki, And soon started removing the young girls clothes,she was dancing only in a thong, when Marion moved behind her a caressed her breasts from behind and started to feed the nipples into jans mouth who was eagerly sucking on them. Vicki was then pulled back onto a bench her hands cuffed to the legs and her ankles tied to the other legs. Her breasts were bound in a figure 8 manner and the ropes pulled tight, forcing her breasts and nipple to be erect, Joan who had stripped me to the waist and was concentrating on my nipples which are very sensitive, and went to get a strap on dropping her skirt as she crossed the room, she pulled her silk pants to one side, put one end of the strap on into her and fastened the waist and started to fuck Vicki, who squealed as the large black strapon entered, Jan had now removed her dress and could see her fabulous she looked standing in her white basque and stockings, she slipped off her silk pants and she roughly grabbed on of Vickis tits,nipping the nipple hard so Vicki screamed with pain and then used the nipple to wank herself rubbing her clit against it Marion had dropped her skirt and pants and was astride the girls head being wel and truly licked while she kised and licked Jans tits. I quickly dropped my skirt and pants and went to the other tit and stated to suck the nipple, when I felt a whip crack on my back side and Joan snarled bite it you whimp hurt her. I bit her gently, but was lashed again and told harder, i did as was told and Vicki squealed but it was muffled by Marions muff which was still being licked.

Marion Finished fucking Vicki grbbed my hair and draggeed me between Vickis legs and told me to lick her I was on my knees but was again lahed and told to stand whilst I licked her, this was allow the strap on to enter me I squealed at the size being roughly rammed in at this Jan pushed me back from Vicki so she could stand in front of me and I was held firmly whilst I licked her clit. What was happening how was I allowing this I was being used by women and loving it. I shudderred to a climax and as i did I bit on Jans firm erect clit. It felt fabulous. Jan Shouted then I felt a crack on my backside as Joan pulled out Jan had whacked me with a belt. I was thrown to the floor. I cold see that Marion was lying over 69ing Vickii, as she shuddered to climax, Jan whacked her back saying she was greedy and that as it was jans house she should have had Vicki first. at that Joan and Jan grabbed Marion and strapped her over another bench face down so her pendulous tits hung down. Vicki was released and she quickly started to lie on her back and suck Marions nipple I could not resist sucking on her clit as she lay there. Janice passe her some bulldog clips so she could clip the large erect nipples Joan started to fuck her from behind and Jan started to lash her with a belt. Her back was glowing red Vikii climaxed againn as I started to fist her and as screamed to climax. Jan grabbed me, I was strapped to a frame spread eagled, my nipples were sucked by Vicki and clamped, oh it stung but it sent incredible feelings through my body. I heard a large vibrator start and felt it enter me, then I felt another enter me from behind, I was bucking with pleasure someone then roughly clipped my clit with a bulldog type of clip i sqealed with delight just as Jan got astride my head and tere I was nipples and clit clipped sore but feelling fantastic, vibrators back and front and a mouthful, of clit.

How could things that sound terrible feel so great.

I have been promised that the boys will be invited to our next meeting, I will try to talk hubby Colin into coming, He loves to watch me with other girls, I would love to see him with a man.