Written by Christine

25 Apr 2004

I was introduced to new friends, by Cheryl a girl friend who hubby and I met through a swingers site. We had a couple of threesomes and a little girlie fun. I was invited to girls night to meet her friends, it was Joans birthday, night, We met in town straight from work and after my meetings with Cheryl I was very open minded. There were six girls, all dressed to thrill, a mix of ages from 25- 50, it was joans 50th. we went for a pizza, and there was a lot of touching and back chat, most of the girls were married and 2 were in the swinging scene and the others were making a lot of comment. After the meal we got a mini-bus/ taxi to Joans house for the rest of the evenings fun.In the taxi Joan was in between two girls, one was careesing her breast and the other had a hand under her skirt,

At her house we all piled into the lounge, and Joan said she had a special surprise, two young men entered the room, dressed only in thongs, the men served the drinks and all the girls were toching or kissing each other, Cheryl had her hands up my skirt caressing my bum.

Joan came back into the room, wearing a studed collar and a full length black leather dress and carring a whip, she told us to sit down, and then drgged the two boys back in, they were both on leads. She lightly whipped one who lay on the floor on his back, the other was then more firmly whipped and told service Paul the first boy. Gary got on the floor between pauls legs and started kissin his cock through the thong, he quickly hand the erect cock out and was wanking him gently, some more whipping and he was taking Pauls full length deep into his mouth, I thought I would be turned off by punishment but I was as hot as hell, which Cheryl was exploiting, finger fucking me.

Joan opened her dress to reveal a huge strap on, little more whipping, then she got behind Gary and forced the strap on into him as he squelled he was whipped firmly and told to keep sucking. It was a fantastic sight Cheryl really fucking Gary hard whilst he had Puals Cock deep into his mouth whilst most of the girls were in various stae of undress kneeeling and lying on the floor watching this fabulous sight and it was not even 8 o clock.

I will finish this true story later.