Written by Christine

18 May 2004

If you have read the other ladies nights exploits, my training and introduction to pain and beatings this is the next meeting.

Colin and I went to Jans house, there were four other couples and Vicki, a young girl about twenty, the rest were close to or the wrong side of 40.

Vicki served us drinks and then we went into the garden as it was a nice night, then after a while we moved into the out house, this beautiful room, very well lit, with all sorts of furniture and equipment.

Vicki, was with Jan Kissing her and caressing her tits, whilst Jans husband was undressing her from behind, everyone else were caressing each other as they watched, I could feel Colins hardness rubbing my behind, whilst he was playing with my erect nipples, through my blouse, Joan who was next to us said she would help and undid my blouse and sarted sucking my nipples whilst Colin slid his hand into my skirt.

Then Jan shouted at her husband and told him get onto the chair, Vicki had been wanking him and he had cum too soon, for Jan. The chair was a small horse Brian Jans husband got astride it, his arm and legs wer tied his cock was ed thruogh a hole inthe bench so he was strapped face dowm arsse inthe air and his cock hanging through, Vicki was working on his cock till it was firm again, then Joan Tied a string around it and pulled tight, till he shouted. Marion another older lady had stripped down to her stockings and basque, she quickly fastened on a strap on and then started to fuck him from behind, Jan had a Violin bow and was playing it over his bell end whilst sucking on Marions nipples, Colin whispered to me that he could now see how I found it exciting. Over inthe corner Two other women had Vicki fastened to a frame and one was sucking her clit her whilst the other concentrated on her nipples. Jan and Joan then left marion fucking away, with gary crying out for more. They moved into Vickii, then used bulldog clips to clip her nipples and erect clit. She cried out, Helen one of the other girls used a leather strap to whip her acroos the nipples and clips. Colin was rubbing himself off over my backside and this is unbelieveable. This attracted Jans attention who came and lead him away saying she will be genlte ut firm. he was fastened astride another horse his akles fastened to the legs his arms hancuffed behind him and his balls pulled throgh a hole and his cock tied to the top. I was left playing with myself, as Jan and Joan, sucked his nipples and clipped them and because he cried out his cock was given six strokes with a cane, This was fabulous, the man worshipped being punished by two womwen, and I was as horny as hell watching aching like I never ached before. I was then orderd by Helen to lie on my back and suck his balls whilst she used the violin bow on his bell end.

The other two guys sarted to suck a nipple each and Marion got between my legs and sucked my clit and licked me clean, god how I felt, then I was pulled back turned over and my back side firmly whacked, it felt wonderful.

If you have enjoyed this let me know and I will tell you what else happened.