Written by Jimmy

30 Jun 2004

You’re a dancer in a club, where you’re strutting around a pole amusing the punters near the bar. Every now and then someone comes up and slips another note into the waistband of your g-string, to encourage you to keep dancing. Then in comes a stag party who stand close to you watching you, while you dance they also keep plying you with notes while they laugh and drink while you perform in front of them.

One of them disappears to ask for a private room, and returns with the manager who whispers to you their request. You agree and move to another quiet room where all the stag party assemble, your dancing and the stag is clearly identified by his shackles and handcuffs to stop him running off from the others. Removing his pint from his cuffed hands you sit him on a chair, you dance seductively in front of him and slap his hands as he tries to touch you. Telling him that’ll cost extra if he wants to touch, all his pals are jeering as you do so. You straddle him sat on the chair facing him rocking and gyrating your hips over his crotch, he clearly is getting turned on by what your doing to him as you shake your boobs in his face and wiggle and press down on his crotch.

One of his mates whispers to you saying your up for £200 if you’ll give them a good show, after taking their money you start to remove your top wrapping it round the stags head blindfolding him. Taking his pint and sloshing some over your boobs and offer it to the stag to lick off, which he does keenly so you repeat this several times. Standing in front of the stag seated on the chair you clasp his head and pull him to your crotch, lifting a leg over his shoulder your gyrate and dance your pussy over his face to cheers for the others. You slosh some of his pint over your g-string and offer it up to the stag to lick, which he does keenly once more. After a few wettings you remove your g-string to whoops and hollers from the assembled crowd. You return to the stag and resting your leg once more over his shoulder, you tease him by shaking and gyrate your exposed pussy in front of his face. Slapping his hands as he tries to touch you, you remove your leg from his shoulder and start to unbutton his shirt and trousers. Lifting his shirt which cannot come off as his hands are cuffed you pull it behind his head now his hand are behind him. Standing him up you pull down his trousers and boxer shorts, the proud stag is hard and erect as you push him back down onto the chair once more. You sit on his lap legs facing him and seductively you gyrate and dance your way up to his erect cock, with your arms over his shoulders you pull him forward so is face is between your boobs. You shake and slap his face with them, as you press your pussy forwards until his cock is pressed up against your belly. The root of his cock nuzzled against your pussy lips, you shake and squirm your lips against his rock hard cock to the cheers of the crowd.

This goes on for a while, when your approached by one of the others who whispers to you another offer, another £200 if your give the stag a good send off and seeing too. You agree and taking their money you get the stag by the head, and offer your boob for him to suck on which he does. Then taking his cock in your hands you give him a few tugs before standing up and turning round, bending over you push your arse and pussy onto his face forcing it on him. He responds by licking your pussy to the whoops and cheers as you continue to tug his cock in your hands, then turning round you lower your pussy to his cock just inserting the head of his cock in the entrance of your pussy. You dance and gyrate on him all the while stopping him from pressing it any further into you, your really teasing him before you eventually start to slide him deeper into you as you shake and move over his manhood. You continue your moves as you feel other hands starting to touch you, your boobs are beings massaged by two different hands, Someone offers a cock to your mouth which you start to suck on and you feel a finger probing your arse as you swivel and shake on the stags cock. Soon you also feel cocks being thrust into your hands, as the finger in your arse is soon replaced by another cock, these cocks are getting everywhere. As one cock shoots it soon replaced by another, no sooner have you swallowed the cum in your mouth, then another cock is replacing it. The stag has cum and your lifted off him and laid over a table, the others are soon replacing his cock with their own, each of them either shooting up your pussy or arse if not in your mouth or in your hands. One after another they gradually fade and soon they’re finished with you, as you gather up your money and clothes you head back to your dressing room where I’m waiting to meet you to take you home.

I’m sat on the chair in front of your make up mirror waiting for you to arrive, you’re later than usual so I’m surprised to see to see you naked as you walk in the door. Your clutching handfuls of money and the skimpy top and bottom you had been wearing when dancing. I look at you as you stand in front of me cum covered over your face hair and body, you start to cry saying your sorry but it got out of hand and you didn’t mean for it to go so far. Dropping your clothes and money on the floor you approach me, while I look up at you. Wrapping your arms around my shoulders and looking me in the eyes, I can see you mean it. There is something nice and sexy looking at you in this state, you’ve been violated in every way but I can’t be angry with you. Instead I’m feeling the opposite, I’m turned on by the thought of what must just have happened to you. Our lips meet as you kiss me, and I’m aware of the taste of cum in your mouth. It’s starting to rub off onto my face as we kiss. We kiss passionately tongues probing into each other’s mouth as you hold my head. You must be highly turned on too by what just happened, as soon you’re lifting my T-shirt off my head.

I stand up as you reach for the buttons and zip of my trousers, kicking off my trainers as you do, so you can pull down my trousers and boxers as I step out of them. Your bending down at my crotch as I stand in front of you, my cock hard and erect you clasp it tugging back the foreskin and enveloping your mouth over the tip of my cock as you sink down its length taking me into your mouth. After a few deep licks and sucks you stand up and kiss me again, I break off and proceed to lick the globs of cum from your face working my way down your breasts. Licking off the cum as I go, I suck your nipples and proceed down over your cum covered tummy till I’m on my knees looking at your pussy. Turning you around and seating you on the chair, your legs wide apart on the edge you lie back. I gaze for a moment at the sight of your pussy all wet and sticky with cum, it’s oozing out of your pussy and arse running down the inside of your legs and the crack of your arse. I move my fingers to open your pussy lips apart, and as I look inside I can see so much cum clinging to the sides of your pussy in a web, as I open your pussy up. Moving my head forward I tentatively lick up some cum as it trickles out of you, its warm and salty and mixed up with your own juices it tastes lovely as I bury my head between your pussy and lap away licking up the juices. You clasp my head with your hands lifting your feet to my shoulders to give me greater access to your holes, I plunge my tongue deep inside your pussy until I can sense no more cum then move down to your arse. As I force my tongue in and open you up my mouth is filled with a gush of hot cum, swallowing as fast as I can while licking frantically I can feel the globs of cum running down my throat. I replace my tongue with a finger in your arse as I resume licking your clit and pussy, you’re squirming and writhing at my attention, your panting aloud I can sense you’re near. Removing my finger from your arse I clasp my cock as I straighten up your legs still on my shoulders, I push my cock forward to the entrance of your pussy and nudge it past the opening and sink deep into you. Feeling your warm wetness sliding over my cock, as it goes in deep. My, you feel extremely hot inside tonight more so than I’ve known before. Pulling me forwards and into you, to feel me deep inside you. My head bounces off your boobs as I look for your nipples to suckle on. Locating your hard nipple I nibble and chew it gently as I pound and trust inside you, your pants now giving way to gasps as I sense your body beginning to tense up. With a few extra lunges I feel your hold body clamp up, your pussy gripping tightly on my shaft in spasms as the climax envelopes you. Its all to much for me the feeling of your pussy squeezing my shaft as it thrusts in and out of you, pushes me over the edge as I feel my hot cum rising from my balls and travelling up the length of my cock in waves of ecstasy as it shoots into you. My body arches as each pulse runs through me, and I gradually feel my climax subside. Holding and cuddling me tight as I slow, panting and gasping for air you’re kissing my head and face as I turn to direct my mouth to yours and lock my lips to yours in an wonderful kiss. We remain locked together for a while embracing each other, my cock in a pool of warm sticky liquid slowly subsiding inside you.

We hug and kiss each for a while after, stroking and caressing each other as we do so. Wanting to see my own sticky mess inside you I pull back my cock, and see a web of sticky cum clinging to my cock and tying me to your pussy. As I keep pulling back it eventually breaks free, as I lower my head and nuzzle between your legs I can taste my own cum as it oozes out of you. Clasping my head you direct me to where you want me to pleasure you, alternating between me licking your clit pussy or arse in turn. I also use my fingers to probe inside as I can release cum from deep inside you as you pant and moan above me. As you start to quicken I sense you not far as you direct my head to your clit I lick with quickening strokes, flicking your button from side to side as I do so. I have my two longest fingers from each hand one in your pussy the other in your arse, massaging and probing deep inside you as you start to buck beneath me. Reaching your climax your pussy and arse tighten around my fingers clamping them inside you, as my tongue works speedily over your clit you scream aloud and your body tightens and locks me onto you.

After you recover you walk me to the shower, leading me by the hand you pull me in with you. As the warm water laps and cleanses our bodies, you clasp my now hard cock and sinking to your knees wraping your lips around me as you reach the floor. With fast strokes and a flicking tongue you soon have my body shaking and writhing, as you feel my globs of cum hitting the back of your mouth you swallow in quick succession so as not to choke. We wash each other off with soap while kissing and cuddling, and I look back with fond memories as I remember the night I found you covered in cum that night. My Private Dancer.