Written by gooner

28 Jan 2006

the wife was out last night so i thought i would go for a look for dogging.pulled up at a local site there was a citroen with the interoir light already on as i pulled in it went off.i wasnt sure whether they wanted to be watched so i pulled up the lane and walked down. i hid in the bushes and i could see a tubby chap and a young girl early 20s.she was smoking a cigarette while the man was giving her oral i got a little closer and could see that she was wearing stockings and suspenders and crotchless panties.after watching a few minutes i lit up a cigarette and she obviosly saw the light.the interior light went off and i backstepped into the bushes.after a minute or so the door opened and the young girl got out lit another cigarette crouched down and started to pee whilst still wearing crotchless panties.she looked over into the bushes "like what you see" i said of course "wanna taste"she said so i followed her to an area of grassland she lied down spread her legs so i eagerley started lapping away at her pussy her fella just watched and wanked. she had a lovely tasting pussy with a small ring through her clit and big piss flaps.she then pulled my pants down and gave a fantastic bj by now i was gagging for it so she straddled my cock and rode it i looked round and we had another dogger watching once i shot my load i pulled out ad rubbed my cum all around the edge of her crotchless panties . she invited the other dogger over and he just carried on where i had left off .her fella said they are here most friday nights and could come back for a repeat.