Written by karen

5 Feb 2005

hi you horny folks out there i just want to share this with you all now i love getting fingerd and fucked by strangers last nite i was in the pub feeling very horny when i was at the bar and i was chatting to this guy he was married and old enough to be my grandad anyway the chat turned into sex nd i told him that i wasnt wearing any underwear he was very suprised at this and said dont tell him that or he might have to check so i started to rub up against him then to my suprise he had put his hand up my skirt and started to feel my arse and reach right over to my pussy which by then i was well juicey as we stood there he was fingering me getting his fingers right up my wet juicey hole then i said lets go outside which he followed me out as soon as we got outside i kneed down and took his hard cock out and started to suck on him he was moaning then i just wanted him to fuck me so he bend me over and and he rammed his cock right up my juicey pussyhole and fucked me so hard i was screaming then we went back into the pub the feeling was great knowing that i had his spunk run down my legs as i stood at the bar looking around for my next fuck !