Written by Andy and Jan

24 Nov 2003

we quite often use iur local nudist beach and while there we usualy play a few risky games whilst we are being watched. As we have been going there for some time we know a few of the regulars, this one Sunday afternoon we had gotten our selves as horny as hell.

i noticed that we where being watch this made me even hornier, I could see that he was wanking slowly so I motioned for him to come closer and get a better view. as he came closer I could see that his bell end was piersed and he was wearing a ring through the end of his dick. I had to see this going in to Jans fanny, I told him to wank over her clitty to get the ball rolling, as he gained in confidence I asked him to fuck her for me, by this time a few more blokes had arrived and watched. we now had quite an ordience. by now our mate with the prince albert was shootong his load into Jan and as he rolled off I could see his spunk slowly dripping from Jans bits, I asked if any one else would like to have a go, they all said yes.

in total Jan had 5 loads of spunk in her fanny two on her tits and one all over her clit, after all that I made a meal of all the spunk in her and on her, I licked her till she came again then put my load in to her aswell. Some of the regulars will recognise this story especialy the old bloke with the prince albert

Oh and by the way this beach is listed on this site (North Wales) so we hope to see more of you with parners next year.

The only thing I would add is the dirrections given on sites page is a bit missleading so be carefull (the clothed beach is regularly patrolled by a warden.