Written by tedski

9 Oct 2003

I was completely straight for many years.When she died I found I could no longer raise or maintain an erection and remembering how it was to be a bottom to someone,s top wondered if this was the way to goWhile wondering I went to the cinema and afterwards to a bar that I had not used before.I soon saw it was a gay bar but was thirsty so ordered a beer

Then someone at my side asked if he could buy that for me.I knew this to be jargon for" may i fuck you"On turning I found a japanese business man about 50.On impulse I said yes.He then suggested that we go to his hotel room where he started to undress me. till completely naked.He enjoyed squeezing my soft pink hairless flesh and cupping my cock and balls in his hand.A knock at the door and a friend of his joined us and between them ran their hands all over me.I realise that to them i was just so much meat but gloried in it.They laid me across the bed and one went to my head and the other behind me.He ran his fingers up my arse crease finally settling on my little hole which he exposed with two fingers.Then I felt that glorious feeling of the cockhead pressing my anal sphincter openThis one took his time with me and I think we both enjoyed as much as each other.And then that lovely gush of hot semen deep inside me as he convulsed in orgasm.At the other end I was not in a position to be very active and just sucked his cock end I realise he was saving his orgasm for when he had a turn at my arse We then had a pause and room service brought us some food and drinks.,The porter did not turn a hair as he served three naked guysThen it was the turn of the other guy to fuck me which he did with great fervour and I got my second wad of hot cum inside me.At which they both got dressed so I did too.They then said goodbye and squeezed my bum while doing soI had expected or hoped to stop with them and be fucked all night

On the way home I found $200 in my pocket They need not have done that but I am told never to refuse a present from an oriental.I am elderly now and not many guys want to fuck an old man so I am wondering whether to go to Japan where they appreciate their eldersAt least I know that my arse is worth $200 probab-ly more than the rest of me

So for the second time I had become a male prostitute