Written by John

30 Dec 2013

Having talked about involving another man in our sex life for most of out married life whilst fucking, it's now reached the stage where it actually needs to happen, both of us nervous but yet filled with a lust so strong that we're ready for whatever may lie ahead. So, with this in mind we both agreed that a chance meet would be a great starting point, in the car in a secluded layby. A day off was the perfect opportunity to bring our first possible meet in to long awaited reality, my wife showering & then choosing casual non slutty clothes being a summer top, just above knee skirt, summer sandals with hair tied back in to a ponytail, she could've been going shopping, this I found a real turn on.

After a good hours drive, we reached a layby that we had drove past many times before on days out & parked up. The day was warm, us both slightly nervous having no idea of how things would play out. We both sat there enjoying the warmtg of the summer sun on our bodies through the car's windows, anticipation of a married lifetime's worth of sex talk coming to fruition, the day I get to see my wife take out & hold another man's cock, the day I get to see another man's hand inside my wife's knickers. After all of this build up over half an hour past without so much as a car pulling in. I still kept my hand on my wife's inner thigh slowly stroking her, keeping her legs nicely apart, willing someone, anyone to park up & at least have a quick feel! In the distance a lorry slowly approached and to both our amazement indicated in to the layby. I could sense my wife's nervousness, she struggled for breath as I fully opened her legs to try & show the driver as he slowly pulled past us to park up, she seemed to be facially flushed, my hand moving a finger in to her knickers, her cunt so wet it was unbelievable, if I had any doubts about her readiness this dispelled them. She asked what she should do with her knickers, I just responded with, "take them off". She did exactly that, as if my words was final confirmation for her to let herself go & enjoy herself. I noticed her hands physically shaking with anticipation, my cock was straining, the hardest it seemed to have ever got, all we needed was for that lorry driver to get out of his cab & come to the passenger side door & enjo!y my wife! A minute pass ed, then two, a further minute & another but nothing. Surely he couldn't have missed me showing off my wife's open legs? I turned to my wife & asked her if she wanted me to approach the driver, she didn't respond, just sitting there with her legs open, I asked her again, her silence deafening. I didn't wait a second more, getting out of the car & approached the cab, only to find the driver tucking in to a packed lunch! I caught his attention & asked if he fancied maybe getting his cock out for my wife, his response was one I totally didn't expect, thinking any man would've jumped at the chance, he just blurted out "fuck off, I'm eating my dinner!! Asking him if he was sure, I can only assume it was too forward for him or that embarrassment had got the better of him. I returned to the car, my wife stunned that I was on my own, saying she couldn't be left in her state if arousal & begged me to plunge my fingers in to her soaking wet cunt. This I did, with her lasting less than the time it took to go knuckle deep with two fingers, her gasping & grinding down on them like never before. His loss for sure, we drove home, hardly through the door she unbuckled my belt, dropped my trousers, took out my cock & gave me the best wank for a long time, cupping my balls, stroking me with such experience, until I just buckled & shot my cum, her milking every last drop with a smile that screamed we nearly did it today.

Perhaps it just wasn't to be or wasn't meant to be, who knows? Hopefully we'll give it another go in Springtime.