Written by shanie

21 Apr 2004

after weks of being with ambrose i decided i needed a job so ambrose arranged a meeting with his boss at the club where he worked. the interview went well and they said start 2nite behind the bar. the club was virtually empty all nite. but the boss said i looked sexy i was wearing a skin tight red leather mini dress which showed my stockings and knee high black leather boots. the club shut at 12.30 i went in 2 the bosses office and he was there with his body guards all 3 men were well built black guys. i said im leaving now. as i turned they locked the door. and said right you little white whore dont you know blacks love blondes. they grabbed me running there hands all over my leather dress and boots. they all got undressed and stood impressive. they said i must stay in leather. they made me suck them all off. i was scared but also excited. they took in turns fucking me. in particular 1 guy licked my boots continuosly throughout. they did me doggy style with their dicks hard and there hands were sliding all over my leather dress. they took it inm turns cumming all over my leather dress and boots. and they fucked me several times more each. i was shattered then the boss said your sacked get out bitch. how will i explain this 2 ambrose?