Written by Lollypop

23 Feb 2005

I'm a rampant bisexual and just can never have too many 3-somes!! My first was with my then boyfriend, Jon and an old friend, Tammy (probably not such a good idea but that didn't matter at the time!) It had been a long time coming- my friend and I were always flirting in clubs and popping off to the toilets for a quick fumble!

Jon and I were having a party and it was starting to get late so we were (drunkenly) trying to tidy up whilst everyone went off to bed. I was sat on the kitchen bench, trying to sober up when Jon and Tammy started to peel off my clothes, licking and sucking my pert tits and groping my shaved cunt.

Jon grabbed my shoulder and spun me round, bending me over the bench, whilst Tammy grappled with his belt and released hi huge 8" cock, shoving it impatiently into her mouth. He roughly pushed my panties to one side and started to rub my clit, causing me to moan in ecstasy- this was our ultimate fantasy and it was happening for real!

I was dying to have my first taste of a womans cunt and I pulled away from Jon's grip so that I could go down on Tammy who guessed what I wanted and lay obligingly on her back as I unbuttoned her jeans and slipped off her thong. She was already wet as I parted her lips and licked her throbbing clit. It was amazing-I'll never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I finger-fucked her hard and she asked Jon to fuck her face so he got down on his knees and thrust his cock into her mouth. She came hard and her juice was all over my face- Jon was loving her gobbling his cock almost to it's base!

She told Jon she wanted to see him fuck me hard so I got on my knees and his cock slipped easily into my wet pussy. He worked my pussy hard and Tammy pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit until I came like a bitch.

Jon was ready to cum and pulled out so that Tammy could suck my pussy juice off his cock. He came with force- all over both our tits and in minutes was erect, ready for more.

Needless to say- we didn't do much tidying or get much sleep that night!!

Shame, Tammy's getting married soon- I wonder what I can get her as her wedding present?? ;)