Written by Marian

8 Feb 2006

Like many couple we had often talked about my husband's desire to see me with another guy and although I had had a few extra lovers, which he knew about, I wasn't ready to agree to his idea. Sex for me is a private thing not something to do while being watched and I don't even really like watching porn.

Last week Arsenal were playing West Ham (his team) and hubby went down the pub to watch the game with a few friends.

I went to bed about 10.30 and settled down and dropped off to sleep.

I vaguely heard the door when he came home and he came up to say he was home and would be up to bed in a few minutes. He went to the bathroom and I was soon back asleep.

When he comes to bed after me I always roll over and sleepily cuddle up to him as he lies on his back. It seems strange that as I put my arms around him I didn't notice any difference but then as he pulled me onto him and touched my breasts I realised that this guy in bed with me wasn't my husband. The guy who I couldn't see whispered don't worry and I let him kiss me and his hands were moving expertly around my body making me very horny. I reached for his cock and started to slowly wank him as he became harder. He moved away and said he was putting on a condom and soon was back his fingers deep inside me. I started to get so worked up and knew I was about to cum as he finger fucked me and sucked my breasts, gently nibbling my nipples. My orgasm swept over me I was aching my back and trying to get his fingers deeper into me.

As it subsided he rolled me on top of him and guided his cock into my soaking wet hole. I pushed myself up so i was astride him and ground myself into his body taking all of his cock deep inside me and felt my second orgasm starting to build. A finger slipped into my bum and that shot me over the edge I was screaming with pleasure with both my holes being used.I told him I wanted him to fuck me and threw myself face down onto the bed.

He moved behind me eased my legs wide apart and slipped back in to me his thrusts began stronger and stronger, he felt enormous inside me and I heard my husband telling him to spank my ass as he fucked me.

A hand came down on my on my cheek, I felt the burning sensation and heard my hsuband tell him to do it again. This time it was my other cheek and the mixture of pain and pleasure was fantastic. I was now cumming over and over pushing my bum back to meet each thrust. I wanted this guy to do everything and anything to me and told him I wanted him to take my ass. He eased out of me and I told my husband to give him the bottle of KY liquid to lube his cock.

He was very gentle when he pushed himself into my ass but i wanted it hard so push my ass back into him and he soon realised that I wanted my ass pumped as hard as he had done to my other hole. I don't know how long we were fucking but I was again cumming over and over again heightened by the two them calling me a filthy whore, a cock loving slut and the occasional hard slap acros my bum being administered. The guy still hadn't cum and I was by now absolutlely fucked. I told him that I would finish him off with my mouth. He lay on his back and i took off his condom and ran my tongue up and down his lovely shaft. I kissed and licked his balls taking them into my mouth before using my lips to bring his to his climax. He shot a load of spunk into my mouth I swallowed most of it but held some in my mouth and french kissed him depply transferring some of his cum into his own mouth.

We laid there for a while and then my hsband said to the guy thanks it is time for you to go. He got up and went out of the bedroom with my husband. As the light from the hallway came into the bedroom I saw for this first time that he was a black guy. A couple of minutes passed and then I heard the front door open and close. My husband joined me in bed, this time I put the bedside light on.

He said he hoped I didn't mind too much that he had tricked me into letting him watch me being used by another guy. I said although it was a massive shock at first I had had one of the best fucks of my life.

I asked him if it had taken much planning and he just said he had recruited the guy from this site and set it up. I wanted to have some more sex but both my holes were more than a bit sore. I realised that he had been fucking me for over 2 hours. My husband pulled my head down to his cock and I gave him a blow job and he shot his load inside my mouth within 30 seconds.