Written by sally

18 Jan 2007

hi last night i went to see a friend of mine but when i got to his house there was someone else living in there i tried to explain that i knew someone who lived here he said ( this older guy who opened the door to me ) hes not here anymore oh i said where as he gone do you know he said no i was just about to wlk away when he said would i like to come in for a drink i wouldt of done but i was cold and wet it was raining as we went up the stairs to his room he asked me to sit down on the bed he gave me a towel to dry myself and then asked me what i would like to drinkanythin really so he gave me this glass and this bottle and told me to help myself which i did after a while we started to chat about sex i was getting very turned on by the chat and he said that he was gettin a hard on which i could see so i started to rub his cock he had lay down on the bed while i was still playing with him he loved it moaning out loud all the time i was playing with him then he said open your legs which i did there he was rubbing over my wet thong ooooooooooooo then he slipped his finger into my wet pussy and started to finger fuck me slow at 1st then got faster and faster oh yes i was loving it rocking backwards and forwards on his fingers as he fingered fucked me after a while i was cumming so much i ws soaking his bed sheets with my hot juices he then got down and pulled off my thong and opened up my juicey lips and tongued me s he fingered fucked my tight little arse god i was cumming everywhere his face was coverd in my hot juices which then i just licked it all off then he wanked over my face i felt his hot spunk cover my face all over my lips he began to rub the tip of his cock over my wet lips it was yummyyyyyyyyyyy i was loving it the taste of spunk made me just so hornier then i wanted to suck his thick fat cock which i did do mmmmmmmmm got him all hard again so he bend m over his bed and fucked me doggy really rammed it up i loved it wanted more spunk was drippin down as he watched me lick it up with my fingers he said im one dirty little slut im gettin wet just thinking about it i have since been back there and let his mates fuck me as well im one asian slut