Written by GB

5 May 2007

This is not so much a story, as a brief summary of a few incidents with my wife that I thought I might share with others who have similar experiences and interests.

We recently spent five years living & working in Moscow, where we were each able to pursue our sexual interests & fantasies. In my case, performing oral sex on older uncut men in the public washrooms and in my wife’s case, having threesomes and foursomes with other men. She quickly established liaisons with the drivers for several of the western European embassies and, since I traveled a fair amount, she was often free to host sessions with them in our flat.

She has never let me join her - and I think she would be quite uncomfortable in watching me suck off another man, although she knows that’s how I often spent my weekend mornings & afternoons. But she does like me to use my oral skills on her…and one time when I returned home early one evening from a trip to find her with our flat full of men (whom she hurriedly sent on their way), she allowed me to take her on. I immediately realized from the smell that all of her partners were uncut – and that made it all the more exciting for me, especially since she was still oozing from her multiple encounters.

This symbiotic relationship continued on a reasonably regular basis during the next three years, although she would never let me participate with her.

Since returning to Canada, we’ve been renting out or the cottage next to our home to groups of “fishermen” who she somehow collects over the internet. She makes good use of our hot tub for her entertaining and it’s amazing how comfortable most of the men are in going off to the basement bedroom with her, even though they know it must be obvious to me what is happening, especially since they usually leave the hot tub with an erection.

And I continue to enjoy what they leave in her.