Written by Douglas

16 Mar 2006

When I married again it was to Mary a woman who was almost everymans dream, attractive, sexy looking, always horny and willing to do almost anything anywhere and at any time. No bra or knickers around the house was standard dress and naked or almost naked in our hot summer months She was easy to get hot as just massaging her big firm boobs was enough to make her climax when she did she was very noisy

The weekend we met we spent in bed with her teaching me tricks I had not even thought of in my 45 years.

A few months later when Mary revealed to me that she had enjoyed regular casual sex and often with multipul partners before she met me I was quite excited and when one night during a hot session in bed she indicated to me that she would like to get into that scene again I was all for it

The regular fantasy of many men to watch their wives really enjoying another guys cock while they watched was also one of mine

A couple of advertisements in a Swingers magazine brought a lot of interesting replies, one in particular from a couple Ron & Vi who had regular sexual swinging parties at their home and we were invited to the next one which transpired to have 6 married couples and six single guys

Although I had had a lot of sexual experiences before I had never experienced such a party before it was mind blowing

Everyone arrived about 8pm and gathered in a big room with thick carpet, a divan and cushions scattered around

It was soon obvious that they were only there for one reason ..to fuck.. after brief introductions it was all on

everyone naked, if they did not strip themselves off there was some one doing it for them

I watched Mary surveying all the hard cocks in the room with a look of pure lust on her face

It seemed that Ron our host had a rule than when a new couple came to one of their parties he was entitled to be the first to fuck her and I almost came watching Mary lying naked on the carpet while Ron massaged her boobs for a minute then she opened her legs and guided Rons cock into her pussy and before it was right up her she was climaxing while thrashing around with her arms and legs wrapped around him My heart was thumping with excitement as I watched his cock sliding in and out of her pussy lips then after a few minutes jerking his hot cum right up her

The moment he climbed off another guy quickly took his place and this went on for the next 6 hours

She was on a permanent sexual high and asked me at one stage to make sure she got all the guys there which was not a problem as being the 'new girl'as she was the centre of attention. Every time she felt one of the guys shooting his hot cum up her she would moan with delight telling him to give her all he had got

The party broke up about 2am and as we headed for bed she kissed me passionately and thanked me for being so considerate and letting her have so much fun

We worked out that she had been fucked by all the 12 guys with most of them having more than one turn with her and she lost count of just how many times she had cum

Mary slept naked and next morning woke horny as usual so when Ron came in with a cup of tea for us his stiff cock was poking out of his dressing gown Mary grabbed it, threw off the blankets and pulled him between her thighs and as he fucked her she asked him if he had any friends who would like some hot fun with her while we were there and when he told her that he and Vi had some Bi guys 'on call' for when they wanted to have some fun so after he had shot a load of cum into her he went to phone them

Mary told me one of her fantasies was to watch me get a guy hard and introduce his cock into her hot pussy and then rub his balls when he was shooting up her while telling him "to fill her up"

I will post the remainder of this story later