Written by Arthur50

2 Jun 2004

Our life reverted back to the normal routine after Russell left for a while and another 3 months passed and Kathy was visibly pregnant, as she was nearly 6mnths gone. She was very sexy and randy just like she was with the other two at this time, but I wasn’t complaining . Something about needing to be appreciated as a woman she said, not just a fat pregnant woman, but no way was she fat.

I had been working overtime and had a little spare cash so I suggested we dress up and go out for a drink in town on a Saturday night and if she liked we could go to the Cinema first for the matinee and go on for a drink or a meal afterwards, her mum would have the kids. She thought that was a great idea and it cheered her up so we arranged for her mum to have the kids overnight on the Saturday and went to the Cinema, watched a film and left around 8.30pm to go to a pub, Kathy didn’t fancy a meal.

She took her time and made a real effort with her make-up, stockings, heels, and wore a loose fitting short dress above her knees and I was pleased to see it was open and low cut in front and showing ample cleavage between her full breasts which I enthusiastically explored during the boring film, which took me back to when we first met.

I avoided the soldier’s pubs after what happened last time with Russell, in case they remembered me, so we first went to a smart Hotel bar in town. It was half full and dead quiet and Kathy was a little disappointed but luckily I spotted Terry who used to work with me a few years ago and we sometimes we went about some other mates of ours on the pull, before I was married of course. I called him and he came over and after I introduced Kathy he joined us and we were able to have more light hearted conversation.

Terry told me he was still single and had arranged to meet a woman there as it is quiet but she hadn’t turned up so he was pleased to see me after all this time. He suggested we move on to another place he knew, a lively pub he said which surprisingly wasn’t full of rowdy kids getting drunk so we agreed and went there with him. It wasn’t far and on entering we could see it was busy and it took a while for us to get a seat but Terry was quick to get the drinks in as he knew the barman and didn’t queue, I was really impressed with that.

Kathy was quite relaxed, merry, talkative and more than a little flirty with Terry.

Later an older couple in their early forties called Dennis and Fran who knew Terry came over, chatted to Terry at first then he introduced them to us and told them I have known him for years but we lost touch some time ago. They joined us at the table, so we were now five.

Fran was tall and blonde; good looking with lovely large tits, which caught my eye as they were on show even more than Kathy’s and left little to the imagination. Dennis was short but very thick set with cropped short hair and hands like shovels but he seemed a genuine bloke. It was great being with two full breasted women not afraid to have them on show and it excited me seeing other men admiring them but Kathy and Fran were getting sly looks from a group of teenage lads who were moving closer to us for a better view so Dennis suggested we all go back to his place as there was plenty to eat and drink and we could have a good chat and a laugh.

I was keen and so was Kathy and she looked at her watch and seeing it was still just after 10.00pm agreed if it was not too far, saying she didn’t want to walk miles.

Dennis smiled and offered us a lift in his car as he had a Volvo estate and it wasn’t far anyway so off we all went when we finished our drinks.

As we walked slowly to the car I whispered to Kathy, asking her if she was really sure about going to their house as I thought there was a strong possibility there would be some hot sex on the menu. I know Terry was always very horny in the past and I saw Dennis looking very closely at her, especially her Breasts and was probably undressing her in his mind.

Kathy said if I wanted we could go home now but she would not be against some hot sex, it would be a nice relief in her condition and, as she remembered, I was quite keen when I brought Russell home. Anyway she said she doubted they would fancy her but we should make an effort to be sociable as we hadn't been out for a while. I said I was only thinking of her, it’s been a good night so far and we might as well enjoy ourselves. We could just go, have something to eat and drink, and if we wanted, catch a Taxi home after that. So we agreed to go and see and if something happens then we will take it from there.

It didn’t take long anyway and they had a large detached house which impressed Kathy when she compared it to our terraced one. It was really comfortable in their spacious lounge on their wide soft sofa and chairs and Dennis said he was an expert at making Cocktails and was quick to make us some of his own, which seemed strange to me, with his build I thought he would be a beer man. I would have preferred a decent pint but we all humoured him and tried his cocktails, which were nice but a bit sweet for me. They must have had good alcohol content as I began to feel quite merry and relaxed, probably because of mixing them with the beer I had earlier.

Kathy was very merry after the drinks she had and became very talkative again after she got over her initial caution at meeting a new couple, when Dennis sat next to her.

We talked about the girls and our life in Aldershot then Dennis and Fran told us about their life and Dennis was into weight lifting, power lifts actually which explains his build. Finally Terry said he was single, out of work and had no life at the moment which we all sympathised with but thought it funny in the circumstances but took the hint and changed the subject.

The conversation soon became more sexual and Dennis put his arm around Kathy and his hand on her thigh and asked her if she still enjoyed having sex, being 6mnths pregnant, or had she gone off it by now. Kathy looked at me and laughed replying although she felt like a “Dag” at the moment it actually made her feel more randy for some reason and said it probably was her hormones in a mess.

Dennis laughed at that and said he can see she is certainly no “Dag” and there was nothing better than a randy pregnant woman with her hormones in a mess. We all laughed and agreed with that and I noticed his hand had moved well up her thigh and was lightly squeezing it.

He suggested we all have a bit of dance, as the lounge was large, and he played some music, dimmed the ceiling lights and asked Kathy to dance with him. I danced with Fran and Terry helped himself to another drink.

Fran and me moved away from the dimmed lights into the shadow as we danced and she moved close to me when a slow number came on and as she moved closer our bodies rubbed together so I held her by her bum cheeks, pulling her in to me. I could feel she had no panties on and very soon my cock was standing to attention. She must have felt it against her as one hand discretely slipped under my waistband and inside my briefs, holding my shaft, lightly squeezing and she whispered that feels nice.

I was really horny looking down at Fran’s heaving Breasts and couldn’t resist fondling them, being so close and with her hand around my cock. I pulled her arse cheeks tight into me while she held my cock, moving her hand up and down while we danced slowly and quite ignored the others for a while as my imagination ran riot. Fran said she hoped my cock would be somewhere warm and wet later and I said so do I, chuckling.

We danced close to the wall and I gave her arse cheeks a tight squeeze and pulled her close to me and up against the wall, pressing hard against her as I kissed her .

I wanted to lift her dress up over her bum and fuck her silly but it didn’t seem right with the others there, which in hindsight is daft, but I took her back to sit down across my knees.

I looked across the room and I saw Kathy dancing with Dennis, he was a little shorter than she was and I noticed his legs were quite short. The zip at the back of her dress was undone right down to the small of her back and her bra clasp was undone with the flaps hanging loose. One hand was rubbing her bare back and as they turned I saw the other was under her dress, between her legs which made me feel even more horny.

I was confident now with Fran now and loosened her dress at the back and dropped it to her waist, so I could remove her Bra, which I discarded on the carpet before enjoying her fantastic Breasts. Fran responded by loosening my trousers and releasing my throbbing cock from its confinement and massaging it before she went down on me and licked the head and shaft before sucking and clasping my balls, while I fondled her Breasts, in heaven.

Dennis pointed out the topless Fran sucking my cock to Kathy and she smiled.

Dennis and Kathy sat down together and she smiled at me as he turned her around and eased her dress off her shoulders and massaged her shoulders slowly for a while with those massive hands, which she clearly enjoyed. He chatted to us as he then slipped his hands inside her bra with the straps hanging loose from the back and supported her breasts with his hands, while whispering in her ear and she nodded her head. He then removed her bra and discarded it on the carpet, removed his shirt and trousers and enjoyed cuddling Kathy close up, both topless. I was surprised to see he didn’t have an ounce of fat on him, unlike me, he was as solid as a rock with biceps like tree trunks and his stomach was dead flat and muscular, his thighs were as wide as my waist and I could see Kathy thought he wasn’t bad for a forty year old, as he held her tight to him like a toy, by her breasts.

Dennis said he didn’t know about the rest of us but he felt very horny and suggested we all have some fun and split up for a while. He proposed to Kathy and me that I stay here with Fran in the lounge as we have already started while he and Terry go to the main bedroom with Kathy and see if she really is randy pregnant or not, and see if they can drive her lust any wilder, laughing as he said it.

I looked at Kathy who smiled at me and I said that’s fine with me if Kathy is really up to being driven wild with lust and she surprised me by smiling at me then standing up, dropping her dress down over her hips and stepping out of it then removing her brief panties, leaving just her stockings on and showing her curved pregnant form. Terry, Fran and Dennis clapped and cheered and I was amazed she was that bold, she certainly must have been really hot and randy that night.

Dennis laughed, stood up and removed his briefs and I had convinced myself that muscular men had mini cocks but no, I was wrong. His cock was a healthy 7ins or so long which is not enormous but what sealed it was it was bloody thick, like the rest of him, very thick, I had not seen one as thick as that before and it was standing up as straight as a poker.

Kathy took hold of it and whispered something in Dennis's ear and he slapped her bum lightly.

The three of them went upstairs with Terry close up behind Kathy and Dennis alongside her ,clasping her naked bum cheek ...