Written by Arthur50

16 Dec 2003

Kathy wouldn’t let her going to the woods with the Big Guy drop and kept giving me reasons why it was fair and I could see that if I didn’t agree my fun was going to go down the tube so I eventually agreed and she told me his name was George.

Nothing more was said and the following Saturday we had a great evening with Dennis, Fran and Edwin in a Pub and then back at their place. Fran was with me all night and she was so hot my cock was quite red and sore in the early hours of the morning. From what I heard all night next door Kathy had a busy night as well.

On the following Friday Kathy said George would be picking her up about 9.30pm at the end of the road, to prevent alerting the nosey neighbours.

She spent ages in the bathroom getting dressed but I must admit she looked great when she came down in a very short blue dress with a nice low cut top and stockings with even higher heels than last time. Also she had more make-up on than usual and I noticed the lipstick was redder and brighter than I had seen before. She kissed me on the cheek and said wish me luck and promised to tell me everything when she returned and hoped the girls didn’t wake up, then went out the back door in the dark and discreetly made her way down the road and didn’t return home until just before 5.00am.

This is Kathy’s story about that night.

She was really excited and looking forward to Friday night, going with George and meeting different people and was almost running in excitement like a young girl, instead of a mature 30year old mother of three, but slowed down when she saw his parked car at the end of the road, didn’t want to appear too keen as he opened the door and she jumped straight in.

He kissed her on the cheek and said he liked her dress, but it was a bit too long, laughing, then told her they were going to a different place tonight but some of the guys she met before will be there and this place is better on a Friday night.

He asked her if she had a bra and panties on and she said she had and wore the bra because the dress is not as tight as the top she wore last time and tits her size would sag, unsupported.

He said that didn’t matter at all and most men would prefer her tits without a bra anytime and told her to take both the bra and panties off which she did and then he told her stockings as well because they will get all laddered like last time. So there she was with just her dress and high heeled shoes on. He was very pleased with that look and told her that her tits being lower with nipples showing and bare legs were just the job. “Now you’re a sexy Babe again” he said, smiling, and casually told her there will be more guys than last time as she breezed through those five. He asked her if she was up for some horny fun tonight and she laughed and said that’s why she was there.

After about half an hour driving they went down this lane and turned right into a large car park and drove right through it to the far end then along a track to a large grass clearing where there were already about eight cars and a Van, she recognised the Van at the end from before. None of the cars had a light on but he said any action will be the other side of those bushes ahead, in another small clearing.

So after about 15mins they stepped out of the car and he had her twirl round for him and said she looked just right and he really loved the way her tits bounced when she turned fast and had her do it again then pulled her close to him, squeezed her breasts through the dress, and said he could fuck her then and there but the night is young and there will be plenty of fun for her tonight, much more than last time.

They walked through the undergrowth with George’s hand squeezing her bum and she could feel the damp cold grass against her bare ankles and legs with a light breeze wafting across her uncovered chest but they soon reached the clearing and she could see some lights and a small crowd of men so they went in that direction.

As they approached the group one of the guys from last time recognised her and shouted out “Hi Kathy” and the others looked around and smiled, looking at her open dress and outstanding bouncing breasts, as she walked.

She saw there were a few picnic tables around and as they moved closer she could see quite clearly on the ground was a woman on her knees with a man fucking her from behind while she was sucking another one.

Kathy thought the woman was painfully thin, especially her thighs she noticed, unlike Kathy who had large but very shapely strong legs and thighs.

George stood behind Kathy and massaged her shoulders, which she found most relaxing as they moved closer and watched the woman on the ground for a while. He asked her if she had ever had fun with a black man before and she giggled and laughed saying she had being seeing one just recently, last Saturday in fact, a Doctor, and he said that’s good because a couple will be along later you may like to meet, they are nice clean professional guys as well and hung like donkeys, cum repeatedly and are very popular but wasted on a completely passive woman like this. She was feeling quite warm now, smiled, licked her lips as she does, and said she hopes they will like her and George said they certainly will.

They watched the woman with different men and Kathy could see what he meant as she was very passive and the only active contribution she made was in the sucking but really enjoyed being fucked while her husband watched.

Kathy soon felt very horny watching what was happening and more so when George dropped his hands down from her shoulders and cupped her breasts while pressing this hard cock in his trousers up against the cheeks of her arse. He told her she was some sexy Babe again and asked her if she would like to have a little fun out there before the main event in the Van. She didn’t hesitate in in closing her eyes and murmuring she would as George lifted her Breasts over the top of her Dress.

Her nipples were very hot and tender as he touched them and her pussy was on fire as they moved forward to join the men and the men liked what they saw and a couple of them whispered they heard she was good.

One of them made a joke, cuddled Kathy and squeezed her exposed breasts as others crowded round and she felt her dress lifted up to her waist and felt hands on her bum. George then lifted her up on to the table before she was buried in a scrum and laid her down and immediately one guy was up on the table, head between her legs and licking her pussy lips at first using his tongue to forage in what lay behind. Kathy warmed to this and opened her legs wide as others gathered around the table and one either side fondled her breasts as another guided her hand to his cock. Kathy gripped his cock lightly and ran her hand up and down, feeling it was a nice size, not huge but above average and uncut, very nice. He moved closer to her and it was her turn to guide it to her mouth as she ran her tongue around it and down the shaft before offering her mouth to its head. She wrapped her lips around it as it probed inside and soon was at the back of her mouth, pressing at the entrance to her throat so she held it tight and eased it back a little, as she gently licked it, slowly massaged his cock and created a vacuum sucking at the same time.

She felt a shudder as the other man was both licking, sucking and tickling her clit between his thumb and forefinger and she could feel she was wet and arched her hips up off the table at the same time as the cock in her mouth erupted and as he pulled it out, covered her mouth and face in cum. He was immediately replaced by another guy’s cock which was average size and cut with the smooth head soon in her eager mouth.

She was focussing on this cock deep in her mouth as she held his balls in her hand when she felt a slight pressure on her wet pussy, followed by a guy covering her with his body, supported by his hands on the table either side of her as he thrusted his cock forward and fully in side her in one move and began to pound her, back and forth.

She felt very hot and randy, enjoyed the thrusting and suddenly wrapped her legs tight around the guy and pulled him closer as he fucked her as the others cheered her. He hadn’t been thrusting long when he shouted and came deep inside her and as he withdrew she knew he had cum without a condom but at that moment she didn’t care less as she was really in the mood and started to talk dirty when the next guy replaced him and sucked and swallowed the cum from the cock in her mouth this time.

Kathy was really enjoying herself now and was really pro-active with the guys until George stopped the fun and told her to slow down, laughing, then had her go with him to the Van so they made there way there. Kathy with cum on her face, breasts and pussy as she walked in just high heels with breasts and arse cheeks bouncing as she did.

The doors were opened and George said as this place was more private they might as well leave them like that for now and lifted Kathy on to the mattress and told the guys as there now is plenty of room with the doors open so only three guys at a time with her and the others can now watch. Well, Kathy had the time of her life and it wasn’t long before she was having her anus very well lubricated by a guy before having anal with them as well so she had cocks in all her holes and was very horny, enjoying every minute of it.

A couple of men took lots of pictures using Digital Cameras as Kathy couldn’t care less and showed the others the thumbnail images in the viewer and Kathy was getting more horny all the time and encouraging the men by talking dirty. She had increased from the 5 last time to 7 that night plus repeats and when the two Black guys arrived George called things to a halt again for a while and climbed in the back of the Van with just them and closed the doors.

The black guys introduced themselves as they and George undressed and the three guys were just lying alongside Kathy and she saw they were well endowed, nothing ridiculous but a good uncut 9+ inches and wide girths with it. They grinned at her looking and said they were not hard yet, that was her job then they would spit roast her. She had no idea what that was but was sure it was exciting.

They were big heavy broad shouldered guys who worked out in the Gym like George with even bigger arm and leg muscles than him and they all dwarfed her although she was a tall broad woman.

They all chatted naked for a while on the mattress until one of the black guys guided her head to his cock and as she sucked and licked it did grow a little more and was very hard and straight.

She was feeling very warm again and now light headed when she was turned on all fours and felt really stretched as each of these black cocks in turn started slow but soon drove into her wet pussy up to their balls as she was well lubricated already with cum and she felt as if each penetrated her womb.

She was on all fours being fucked by one of them when there was a knock at the doors and George opened them to find the poor Van owner standing there all alone as everyone else had gone, so he came in and was quite happy to watch and take many pics for them.

She was really horny later with both George and them together but the hardest part of all was anal with them, she was well fingered and lubricated again but it seemed to take ages to stretch her enough for his cock to enter but once it did his cock effortlessly drove deep inside her as he pulled her easily on to it with his strength and thrusted forward in one move, it hurt her but it wasn’t a dramatic pain, nothing would hurt her now, she was up for anything, more of a discomfort and she soon accommodated all his cock up to his balls and it felt like a giant rod she was impaled on.

The four of them were at it for what seemed like hours and when they finished dawn was approaching as it was past 4.00am so everyone quickly said their goodbyes and George found her dress then gave her a lift home.

Kathy said it was a great night and would tell Arthur all about it but it was a pity the Viagra and the aphrodisiac drink didn’t work and George laughed out loud, saying it did and he will show her the pics next time so she can see for herself!!

He asked her what else she was up to and Kathy told him about Dennis and Fran’s house and how she meets others there as well, including Edwin.

He said that’s a bit limited for a hot sexy Babe like you, word will soon get around how good you are and as you are new to the scene lots of guys will want to meet you and at 30 you have the potential to have lots of fun regularly for years. Kathy smiled and told George she can only make it 2 or 3 times a month, what with the girls and other activities, but he felt if she made a real effort it could be at least 5 or 6 times a month at different places if Arthur baby sits and suggested to her that she think seriously about the future and decide between just the occasional nights with the same people she knows and exciting new places and meeting new people.

He asked her if she had ever been to a swinging club and she had to say she hadn’t so he told her he would arrange that next for her if she decides to be more adventurous, he knows just the one she would like with a great large Jacuzzi and lots of different theme and activity rooms to show her, if she makes the right decision there is a special night on Tuesdays with only a few women there which she will love, so see if she can arrange to be free and he will buy the tickets.

He asked her if she had any Basques or Corsets and she hadn’t so he said she will look great in them with her tits so he will buy her some and next time, shorten the dress a little more.

3 Days away seemed a bit soon and would Arthur agree to her being more adventurous?

She agreed to think about it and went indoors to relay all that happened to Arthur and he was so turned on by it he had Sex with Kathy until 7.00am, left her in bed sleeping and saw to the girls.