Written by Arthur50

1 Dec 2003

This is what happened a few years ago and I still think about and what followed later.

My wife Kathy and I were in our late twenties, been married nearly 8yrs and had two daughters, one aged 3yrs and the other 6mnths and she was already 2mnths pregnant again, it was going to be our last and we were hoping for a boy this time.

We had little money and lived in a small, old, but clean two bedroom terraced council house in Aldershot with no central heating and just a coal fire in the lounge and we used to stay in a lot because we couldn’t afford a car either.

I went out with my mate and close neighbour Russell on a Thursday night each week for a couple of hours and his wife Jacqui used to sit in with Kathy. We used to visit a couple of pubs but just have a couple of pints and eye up the women. It was just a night out, Kathy didn’t mind and we were always home about 10.30pm.

One Thursday night Russell, who was big, strong, and looked like a rugby player, unlike me, was in a funny mood and tried to pick a fight with some Paratroopers in their local pub and luckily I managed to get him out of there quick as I realised we were the only civilians in there and we ran away as fast as we could. I was terrified as they all looked harder than Russell, let alone me, and had just come back from a difficult tour of duty in Northern Ireland although Russell wasn’t bothered, saying he didn’t like any soldiers.

That was enough for me as it spoiled the night out so I suggested we go back to my place for a beer and have some fun with the girls for a change, Russell quickly agreed to that and cheered up so we picked up some cans for us and the women from the Off-licence. On the way home Russell apologised and said he had a row with Jacqui before coming out over something stupid.

When we arrived at my place we were surprised to see Kathy and Jacqui were already pissed, acting silly and giggling from drinking too much strong home made wine that Jacqui had been given by another friend and brought round to our house as she was pissed off with Russell.

Russell went for Jacqui as he knew Kathy was pregnant and they had been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for years themselves and it was a touchy subject with him after miscarriages but I managed to calm the situation down and Kathy convinced him drinking occasionally wouldn’t harm the baby and joked the women in her family never had any problems having babies and fortunately Jacqui laughed as well. I then checked the girls upstairs were ok, and we all sat around the coal fire on the sofa and chairs as they made up from their quarrel.

I played some soft music and after a load of small talk the subject got around to sex as usual and surprisingly Kathy joined in which was unusual as she was normally quiet, shy and retiring when sober.

Anyway, the talk somehow got around to tits and Russell made good natured fun of Jacqui only having 32A ones and she took it well so I said Kathy’s were normally 36DD but as she had been breast feeding until recently they were still much larger than normal. Russell laughed, tickled Jacqui and opened her blouse and as she had no bra on her small tits were immediately on show and my first reaction on looking was that I had seen blokes with bigger ones.

Kathy was also laughing and giggling at Russell and Jacqui’s playful antics together and surprisingly she allowed me to then open the front of her dress without any real resistance, expose her bra and flip her tits in front of them saying these are a bit bigger, that’s why Kathy needs the bra. Kathy never batted an eyelid as I did it but just giggled and went bright red, seeming to like the reaction from Russell and Jacqui as I squeezed them.

We all finished off the bottles of wine they had been drinking and were a little merry, leaving the beer until later, chatting and laughing for a while about how we should all be enjoying life to the full while we can with the women heartily agreeing and seemingly quite relaxed sitting there with their tits out on show for us and I occasionally tweaked Kathy’s in fun for a laugh, which she liked, and Russell did the same with Jacqui.

Later Russell asked Kathy if her tits were firm like Jacqui’s or soft and she answered both and he laughed then asked politely if he could touch them as they looked good enough to eat. Kathy laughed and said it was fine with her if I agreed and I said fine with me as well if I can touch Jacqui’s, laughing as well. Kathy went red as she then moved on to the carpet kneeling in front of us , giggling again as he put his wine down and leant forward, lightly touching them at first then cupping and squeezing them with both hands, saying what a handful they were and how he understood what she meant. Jacqui and I watched at first then she couldn’t resist touching them herself. Afterwards I did the same with her but wasn’t really impressed, although I said they were lovely and firm.

We then all lay down on the carpet and Russell soon was soon kissing Kathy with both his large hands firmly around and squeezing each of her tits hard while I kissed Jacqui deeply and had my hand between her legs stroking her pussy when I heard a cry upstairs, left Jacqui and went to sooth my 3yr old back to sleep which took about 20mins for her to settle down.

I went back to the lounge and was surprised to see Kathy now turned on to her tummy in front of the roaring fire with her dress right down off her shoulders and lifted up around her waist with her panties beside her as Russell grinned widely and winked at me as he was on top fucking her hard from behind while lifting and arching her back, squeezing her large tits with each hand, which she was clearly enjoying as she was moving in rhythm with him and Jacqui was kneeling on the carpet drinking one of the beers we brought back from the bottle, watching and smiling.

I was shocked at first and my feelings were mixed as I had never done that with Kathy but at the same time I immediately had a raging hard cock watching them as it turned me on, so after watching them for a minute or two I took my trousers and pants off, knelt and kissed Jacqui and lay her on her back on the carpet and she immediately responded and held my cock as I removed her blouse and skirt before we kissed and cuddled. My cock was soon inside her and her legs around my waist as I fucked her as hard as I could and although she had no tits she certainly was a class A fuck, made a lot of noise and was much tighter than Kathy had been for a while.

After I had cum inside her she cried out and Russell laughed saying the whole street could hear her moaning as I fucked her and Kathy laughed when he said she was quiet as a mouse when she came with him, both times.

I then looked up and noticed that Kathy was discreetly slowly wanking Russell’s cock which glistened with cum like her pussy and saw he was much bigger than me and must have been around 8” long, uncut and thick and looked surprisingly hard from her attention while mine was around 6” at best and not particularly thick like his and at that point it had quickly shrunk to even half that size.

We all then removed all our clothes and sat on the carpet in a circle and carried on for a while laughing and joking about being Nudists. Russell occasionally played with Kathy’s and Jacqui’s tits while we shared the rest of the beer we brought home until it was gone and were horny and relaxed. Later he kissed Kathy again and eased her backwards and fucked her hard again on her back with her legs around his waist this time while we watched them going at it and I was amazed how long he could fuck her before cumming, he seemed to be able to hold it for more then 15mins fucking non-stop varying the speed and even chatting to me at the same time and Kathy obviously enjoyed that, especially when he filled her with his cum and I heard her groan and saw she arched her back, raising her arse. Afterwards I turned Jacqui around and fucked her on all fours while Kathy and Russell watched us, although she didn’t wank me, but in my case I managed to keep it up for almost 5mins before cumming inside her. Oral an Anal were not things we really knew about or did in those days either.

We all fucked again later and it was the early hours of the morning when Russell and Jacqui went home and we went straight to bed without washing as we were both tired.

Next morning Kathy had a headache and mixed feelings, mainly guilty ones, about what happened last night although I didn’t mind after a nights sleep and I remembered how much it turned me on to watch her fucking and so we had good sex later, after I fed the baby for her and reassured her it had been good fun. Luckily we both played it down and didn’t make a big thing of it, both of us were determined not let it effect our relationship, putting it down to the drink, her pregnancy was ok so I said it was all my fault and apologised so we continued as normal and 7mnths later we had yet another girl but Russell and Jacqui didn’t react the same.

They were happy when they left our house but something must have happened later as we didn’t see them any more as they deliberately now kept their distance, didn’t speak, and after about 6 weeks they split up and both moved away separately and we never saw them again although at least Russell had the courtesy to come around to say goodbye on the day he left and said their problems were nothing to do with us, they were much more complicated than that and not to worry, apologised for not speaking and wished us the best, saying he would miss us both.

What followed comes later.