Written by Johnny

14 Nov 2003

This tale may wander a little but it covers our sex lives throughout the past 30 years. When Tricia and I got married we were (as most people are) looking forward to a happy time as a couple, However within a few years staleness set in and I began to have a wandering eye. Nothing ever came of it until one night we were at friends and the friend's wife (Susie) was a bit merry and moaning that they rarely had sex any more as the bed was too noisy. (It was a semi detached) and the single male neighbour could probably hear them. However I knew the real reason was that Dave (the husband) played in a band and was getting so many offers that he could not keep up with his marital duties.

Later when Susie went up to use the loo, jokingly I said right I'm going to grab her when she comes out and test your bed. What a surprise, I grabbed her, threw her on the bed and then sat by her, bouncing kicking the floor and making a hell of a racket. Suddenly these pair of arms went round me and pulled me on top of her, she was berserk, kissing me and groping everywhere. I was taken aback but quickly responded in kind, but was having trouble as I was still carrying out the charade of kicking the floor and making a row. Her top came off breasts were exposed and kissed whilst frantic fingers sought her knickers. As soon as I had my hand in her knickers, she went berserk again and within minutes had an extremely loud orgasm. What seemed hours later (minutes really) we disentangled I went to the loo (useless with a raging hard on) whilst she went downstairs to join the others. When I rejoined them it was as if nothing had happened and the rest of the evening was "normal".

Later the following week I popped round and Susie was extremely apologetic and blamed it all on the wine and said it was wrong and we should never do anything like it again. Regretfully I accepted what she said and the friendship went on as if nothing had happened. However three weeks later I called round and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife; they had obviously had a humdinger of a row. I quickly got what I went round for sorted made my excuses and left. Susie escorted me to the door and was watching as I prepared to drive off. Suddenly she shot out, opened the car door and said "I've changed my mind, come round tomorrow" Being a dim twit I did not immediately twig to what she was saying, eventually caught on and promised to call round the following night. The following night I called round, she whisked me in whispering that Dave was playing in Stoke and would not be back until 3 am. She took me up to the creaking bed (which creaked extremely loudly that night) and we had stupendous sex (my first extra marital affair) the wickedness of it seemed to drive us both to new heights. This relationship carried on for some months, she was getting bolder and bolder, I'm sure the neighbours knew what was going on. It all came to a sudden end when Dave called in for a chat. I was terrified of what he was going to come out with, when suddenly he announced that they were breaking up as he was having an affair with the lead singer and had made her pregnant and Susie had been caught out with the neighbour. I was astounded (and relieved) I had no idea that the neighbour was also having a share. So ended my first affair.

My second one was weird how it started, I had a good friend Pete, and we helped each other out mending cars. One day I was under a car in his garage (whilst he went in to get some beers) I became aware of the clip clop of high heels and this fantastic pair of legs came into view. A Scottish voice said "Ah at last you’re fixing the car, if it ready for tonight you'll get a bonus” With that she reached down and played with my cock through the overalls. Just then Pete re appeared saying ah Fiona you've met JJ already then. To her credit Fiona did not bat an eyelid. Pete went on to say cheekily that the car would be ready on time and we would both be looking for a bonus.

That evening Pete and I went to the pub and there was Fiona sitting with a fella having a drink. I expressed disappointment, but Pete said wait until 10, he starts the night shift then. Sure enough come 10 pm; the hubbie gets up and leaves. Within 10 minutes we were with Fiona, She asked why I was there and Pete said she always wanted a threesome and tonight was the night. At first she was a little indignant but Pete just said fine, JJ and I are leaving, she immediately calmed down and Pete told her to buy us a drink, whilst she was at the bar he said to me, treat her mean and act as if it's nothing to you, she responds better to that.

Eventually we got back to her house, Pete said to her either put the kettle on and strip of open the front door and we’ll leave. She went immediately to the front door, double locked it and gave Pete the key. I was amazed, I had never met a sub woman, she would do anything, that night we had a real orgy, she was penetrated in every way possible and loved it. Pete took a few Polaroid’s and she seemed to climb another to another level of arousal. He told her that he was going to show round work and if anyone called and showed her the pictures, she was to do whatever they wanted. (he show them round) but never gave out her address, but she seemed to thrive on the thought of "being exposed"

We had a threesome relation ship with her until we got tired of it and then we had a fresh new adventure.

I will tell more in part 2 and explain how later my wife fell for some Italian charm at a new years eve party