Written by Jack Stephenson

19 Sep 2004

I'd always fancied fucking one of my girlfriends sisters, after all there is quite a choice she has 5.

The other day I had to give one of them a lift home from Belfast,(lets call her E), no problem I said fantasising that she might wanna give me a blow job on the long drive home.

Well the drive went smoothly as usual until the chat turned to sex, which I steered it to really, when E was complaining that she could never hold down a man. I asked her the various reasons why, i even suggested it might be sexual technique. She seemed surprised at this but the chat went one and I asked her how she gave blow jobs, favourite positions, did she like anal (a firm no she replied). The chat was getting really dirty, I couldn't believe it had gone this far.

By now I had raging wood, and was so horny, E must have noticed my hard cock sticking up in my trousers as she put her hand on it and starting undoing my zip.

The next thing I know she is bending over sucking my dick. I am buzzing but finding it hard to drive so I pull over in this scenic laybay and just put my hands on the back of E's head making her headfuck my dick.

As I let her come for air I roll her on to her passenger seat and start taking her clothes off, first her top the lifting her little tits out of her bra, as I suckle on her massive nipples I start to slip a hand in to her pants and she gasps for me to finger fuck her.

I can feel she is just wearing lacy thongs so I basically rip them off and start giving her 3 fingers worth, by know she has her eys closed tongue out and back arched in sheer pleasure, but I decide that may cock needs some attention so I lift up her skirt and slide my 6 inches into her soaking wet pussy.

As I fuck her I slide on of my wet fingers uo into her anus, she squeals a little but I gently persuad eher that she will love having both holes serviced at once. so I continue to fuck her pussy and finger her arse.

As I feel my load about to cum I stick two fingers up her arse and give her a good fingering before pulling both my fingers and cock out and flipping her round on her front and pulling her arse checks apart.

E knows whats coming but is helpless and just gently lifts her ass into the air to allow me easy access to her defenceless anus. I slowly push my fat headed dick into her arse and slowly pump until finishing with a few hard fucks and fill her arsehole with hot cum.

We both lied there shattered, she now admits that she had earliered lie about anal sex and that she secretly loves it, pity her sister doesn't.

After dropping her home I arranged to bring her home more often, rarely does it get as heated as this first time but we always end up fucking