Written by matrix168

21 Mar 2009

it was my offday n decided to go shopping on my own.after 2 hrs of aimless shopping i stopped by a lingerie shop.i went in n browse for a while before this hot lady with a 36D cup breast asked if i needed help.

i told her im just looking.after 3 mins of browsing she asked if im buying for my girlfriend.i told her no but for myself.she gave me this slutty smile that made my cock hard.next i cheekily asked her if those g string r new.she asked me if im looking for used panties.i said if there r any in the shop.she replied if im interested in hers.

i said of course n she lifted her mini skirt to expose this sexy purple thong that made me wild.she signalled me to follow her into the fiiting room to taste her thong.wwe cosed the door n she opeened her legs wide i pulled down her g string n sniffed hard wow it smell

heavenly.she must have worn it for 3 days n stained wif her pussy juice.i licked n kissed it for a good 5 mins b4

she unzipped my pants n sucked me hard.her tongue was most powerful n i could feel the strong suction.

i came inside her mouth n she swallowed every drop of it

n ssaid yummy..