Written by Avenged Hubby

6 Jan 2007

Lisa was invited to Scotland for the new year by an old girl chum of hers who has been there over two years now. She left her life behind to follow her live in fella who then left her six months later for an older woman with two kids. Jenny had a good job and had started to make a life there so she stayed. Jenny is a bit younger than Lisa, blond and slim with a great character. We could not

afford to both go.

In spite of the best efforts of British Airways etc, Lisa made it up there late on the 30th to be met by Jenny.

The 31st was spent touring 3 distilleries which, I am

told, means you are not really trying. Lisa is not a whiskey drinker normally but, when in Rome!

Lisa was minus one of two bags thanks to the airline, so she had to buy new undies at the airport and make do without a big coat, not good in view of the weather. herself.

It was on the night of January 1st that things happened

for which I had already given the o.k. Some friends of

Jenny were throwing a survivors party in there big house for those still able to party. Most of Scotland would be eligible I would have thought, they just don't stop!

Lisa was drunk early or rather, just topped up from the night before. They had got home around six am. There was a lot of groping and kissing and very heavy petting going on. Lisa was grabbed a few times and gave less resistance each time. She had on an imitation kilt that Jenny had lent

her with a white blouse and matching tartan bra and frilly pants, when you shop late in an airport you take chances!

The kilt was a bit short but no one seemed to mind except Lisa.

As the night wore on so Lisa got more drunk so, this will be a bit disjointed as she is working from a foggy memory.

I will not try to right this with the Scots accent, it looks silly. Lisa was in a tight hold with a ginger headed Scot who had a thing for legs, he kept sliding his hand up Lisa's anyway. After a while he had to pee so he passed Lisa over to a passing chap and asked him to keep her ticking over. He took this to mean sitting her on his lap and removing her pants, it may also be why he slipped two fingers in her as well. Lisa resisted on and off but not too hard. She thinks a couple in a far corner were already having sex by the way they were sitting. Ginger returned and Lisa was passed back with a thank you. Ginger took

Lisa into the hallway and carried on messing about for a couple of minutes before leading her into another lounge where four or six people were in each others clutches. Ginger sat in a big arm chair with Lisa on his lap and undid her blouse. Once the bra was undone he suckled for

a while and brought Lisa off with three fingers. He then

slid out from under Lisa and sat her on the edge of the chair. He slipped inside her without checking with her or asking about condoms, he was well built and took Lisa's breath away when he shoved all the way in on the second thrust. Some else in the room moaned out an orgasm and

Lisa soon followed, her legs up on Gingers arms and

someone standing just over her shoulder. Ginger soon came with a grunt. When he pulled out he thanked Lisa and said to the person beside them, "Away you go chum!" He held Lisa's legs up as someone else got in position to replace him. The new guy just slid in and said to Lisa, "Alright hen? Wont be long!" and started banging away. Lisa tried

to speak to him but he ignored her, coming a couple of minutes later. He thanked her and disappeared.

Lisa got another few drinks and looked for Jenny . She

was approached by Gingers earlier stand in. He settled in for some kissing as if he was her boyfriend and soon had

a hand inside her blouse. They were in a corner of the

main room where several couples were already up to lots

of things. Matey put Lisa's bum on the edge of a low side board and pushed her legs apart so he could have his share of her charms. "Feels like you've been busy, by the way, lovely tits there!" Lisa could see over his shoulder that three or four people were watching them and she made her feel really dirty in a nice sort of way. She came just before he did and saw another man get off the settee where he was part of a three way grope, and come over.

The new guy tapped Lisa's partner on the shoulder as he withdrew and asked "Alright if I have some too?" "Course you can mate" he was told. So there was pretty much a repeat during which another guy arrived as if starting a queue. The bloke in Lisa said he would not be long and

came soon after, presenting Lisa to the next guy as if he had just held open the door for him.

Number three was very quick and Lisa was able to escape to the loo to clean up a bit. After a few more drinks she loses the plot a little. She was led to a room by a guy

she had chatted to in the kitchen as they both got drinks.

It was a downstairs bedroom in an extension and one of two single beds was in use by a couple in a sixty nine. Lisa was in just her shoes, on her back with her legs round the bloke in seconds it seemed. She was good but not much more. There was a figure beside them when the guy got off her and was replaced, someone gave her a cock to suck and this went on for a while, four or five men taking

their turn on top of her.

Lisa's next clear memory is Jenny talking to her saying

she had no idea party would be like this nor that Lisa would go along with it. Jenny then said to someone nearby

"Go on then, give her some, you said you wanted too!" And

another one took his turn.

Lisa blanks out here until the morning, We will tell you about that in part two.