Written by Avenged Hubby

14 Dec 2006

Lisa had me near to shooting as she rode me. That was when she mentioned she wanted to play away from home! Cunning!

In the first tale mentioned above we agreed to this sort of thing but only if the other new in advance. I had tried once and failed to score. Failed miserably, but thats not what you want to read here.

Lisa was covering a short fall in a college kitchen for a while (She is a Chef)and had been chatted up by a Jean Claude Van Damme look alike, about 22 she reckons. We decided she should wait until her time there was over so she agreed to meet him for a drink on the Friday of her last shift.

After a few drinks in an aviation themed pub it was back to his digs.'He' is Alun, his parents are well enough off to support him so he does o.k. for a student. A comfy bedsit in Farnham with enough mod cons to keep him happy, but he needs a house keeper Lisa says. Even on the way to his digs Alun had been getting a good feel of what he could reach so he was not slow in getting down to business once he had Lisa home. There was lots of snogging and feeling before clothes started to come off, and lots of honest sounding compliments. This was what Lisa was after rather than the gang bangs of the previous tale's.

Alun said what terrific breasts they are, gorgeous legs and he just loved Lisa's flat belly. He kissed each item as he talked about it. After the belly Alun went down to lick Lisa for a while and nearly brought her off before they moved from the sofa to the bed. There he laid her down and slowly entered her, keeping still for a short while once he was all in, then moving in and out slowly. Lisa says she came twice before Alun speeded up and put her legs under his arms. She soon wrapped her legs tight round him as they came together with Alun saying lots of nice things about how soft Lisa's skin is and how sexy her breast are as she is being fucked. They lay in each others arms for a while before Alun was ready for more.

There was practicaly a rerun of the first time but this one lasted longer. Lisa sent me a text around midnight to say she would be back Saturday some time.

Saturday morning Alun fucked Lisa again, before he got up and showered. Lisa showered while Alun popped out to get some bread and bacon. When he got back Lisa was in his robe at the sink washing a couple of tea mugs and Alun just put his arms round her from behind and began to grope and fondle. Two minutes later Alun slipped into Lisa from behind as she held on to the sink and moaned to an orgasm a few minutes later. Alun pulled out and dragged her to the bed where he threw her down and mounted her from on top and this time he was quite rough and viuse, making her come before he he did, both of them shouting out as they did so.

After some bacon sarnies Lisa showered again and Alun walked her to the bus stop and left her there. After he left Lisa walked on a bit and I picked her up and took her home. This was the sort of thing Lisa was after from the start, and she has kept Aluns number but has not given him hers, she may see him again but she knows he has other women as she found a bra and two pairs of panties in the bedroom while Alun was out. Still, I got a damn good shagging when she told me all about it!