Written by Like to watch

19 Mar 2013

We had been married about two years and we in bed preparing for some sex. She was masturbating me when I asked her to tell me about a sexual experience she had before we were married.

“Do you really want to know about something like that?” she asked.

“Pick one instance and tell me about it. Include all the juicy details”.

She thought for a moment and continued playing with my dick as she began the story.

“Well, I have never told anybody about this but one time when I was in college, my parents and I were in Paris on vacation. One afternoon I was exploring the City by myself when a guy around my age began walking and talking to me. I had taken courses in French and could carry a decent conversation. A few hours later after walking about the City, we happened by his apartment. He invited me in and I went inside with him. Of course, I figured out later that getting me in there was part of his plan all along.

“When we were inside his apartment, he bluntly said he wanted to make love to me. I was not a virgin at the time but I was both intrigued and appalled with his suggestion. We ultimately had sex and I never saw him again.

She then changed the subject, “You got real hard as I told you that. Why would hearing about me getting laid excite you?”

I said, “I can’t help it… but tell me what happened? Tell me the details.”

“That’s kind of personal” she replied while still playing with my dick.

I said, “This really excites me. Tell me more.”

“I still want to know why my telling you about me having sex with another guy has you so excited.”

I said “I don’t know”, but I am really fired up.”

She looked down at her hand still playing with me and said, “You are really hard.”

“Tell me more” I begged.

“What do you want to know?”

“How old were you?” I asked.

“I was nineteen”

“Tell me everything you can remember, every detail”, I answered.

By then she had moved her head to my dick and began giving me a blow job. She went on with her story in between licks and sucks.

“Well, after he told me he wanted sex; I at first resisted and was making moves to leave. He then pointed at a visible bulge around his groin and told me, “Look at what you created.”

“He was pointing at an erection bulging underneath his pants.”

“Then after a pause in which I said nothing”, he asked, “Do you want to see it and touch it?”

“I remember at that moment I so wanted to leave his apartment but the urge to leave was weakening. I was frozen in indecision. It was when he walked to my side, stared into my eyes, took my hand, and placed it on that bulge in his pants that everything around me caved in. When he then kissed me, the inside of my brain was losing control while something else was still telling me to get out of there quick.”

I then interrupted my wife and stopped her from sucking on my dick. “I am ready to come”, I said, “Your story is intensely exciting me. I don’t want to come right now. I want to come later inside of you. Please go on with your story.”

My wife then quit playing with my penis and went on with the story:

“I was standing there in his apartment with him pressing my hand against his covered private parts and I could feel the outline of his hard penis underneath. He then asked me again, “Do you want to see it?”

“When I didn’t answer, he unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. I didn’t say anything I just stood there watching his underwear drop bringing his hardon into direct view. At that point the tug of war between staying and leaving was coming down on the side of staying. I stood there staring at this naked man, a boy really, with my eyes aimed at his erect dick. It was big, pointed straight out and looked to be very hard. I kept staring at it as he took off his shirt. When he was totally naked, he walked me to his bed. I didn’t stop him. I couldn’t stop him. When I found myself sitting on the side of his bed, he stood in front of me and took my hand saying again: “Do you want to touch it?”

“I didn’t stop him but my hand was soon holding his hard erection. Somehow I must have grabbed it, but I don’t remember how it got in my hand. I knew then there was no doubt that we were going to have sex. The tug of war was over.

“He was standing in front of me. I was sitting on his bed, holding his dick when he told me to suck on it. He leaned in and I had to drop my head a little. Then for the first time in my life, I put an erect penis into my mouth. I had many times thought of what putting a penis in mouth would be like. I even fanaticized while masturbating about doing it. And now it was happening. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I faked it and started moving my head in and out on it. He quickly stopped me and said if I kept doing that he would come in my mouth.”

At this point I told my wife, “This is so erotic. I ‘d come in your mouth too if my dick was there”.

My wife went on:

”When he told me to undress, I then took off my clothes one piece at a time. First went my dress, then my bra, then my panties. When we were both totally naked, he stood staring at my body while telling me how beautiful I was. Amidst my now wanting him to fuck me I played with the idea of what would happen if I got pregnant. But when he told me to lie on the bed, I did. When he told me to spread my legs, I did. He then put his mouth on my pussy and from that point on issues of getting pregnant didn’t matter anymore. If I get pregnant, I thought, I’d just deal with it.’

“What happened then?” I asked, “Tell me more.”

“Do you really want this much detail?” she asked.

“”God yes”, I blurted out.

“He then got on top me and we were kissing. He was squeezing my tits. I felt him slide his dick into me. It was all happening so fast. My pussy started to contract around his dick. It felt so good and it made my pussy so wet. Water was running out of me and was flowing everywhere. My pussy was dripping with my juices. And immediately, we were fucking. His hips were pounding me and I was thrusting my hips up at him during each stroke. Quickly he told me he was coming. I was having orgasms all over the place as I came again and again. I felt his sperm gush into me. He did me doggy style and I felt him enter my pussy from behind where he pumped hard and came.

We fucked on and off in several positions for the rest of the afternoon.

“Beautiful”, I said.

“She asked, “Are you sure you wanted to hear about all of that?

I answered, “You know, I wish I could have been there to see it. In fact, right now I would like to watch you fuck someone.

“I don’t understand”, she blurted out after my last comment.

“I don’t understand either. All I can say is that hearing your story has really turned me on. I feel a deep desire to watch you fuck another man.”

“What man?” she asked.

“It doesn’t matter”, I stated.

“Any man I like?” she asked.

I replied, “That’s right. You of course would have to be OK with whoever he might be”.

She asked, “So, are you saying that if I find someone I want to have sex with that you would let me do that”

“Only, if I can watch” then I paused before asking, “Would you let me watch someday?”

“Maybe”, she said.

I then plunged my dick into her triggering an intense orgasm filling my wife with my semen all spurred on by the mental image of watching her fuck another guy.