Written by Harry_22

2 Apr 2012

Em text me about 5 o'clock on Monday, 'Where are you tomorrow morning?' I let he know I was not sure exactly, but due to be in Birmingham. I gave it no more thought until much later that night when we were chatting as usual on MSN.

I quizzed her about he text and she said that she was feeling so horny at the moment that she wanted to line up a shag in the morning, she was on lates and wanted some before she headed out for her shift. Before I could tell her that I was not heading to Birmingham till late morning, she told me that she had managed to line something up.

She loved telling me how she was going to get it from a guy that she sees every now and again (usually 2 or 3 times a year, when his wife won't put out!) and she knew it would turn me on. She reminded me that she would be playing safe, a rule we had for each other whenever we fucked elsewhere, but that did not stop us getting even hornier talking through our fantasy of us having a guy bare back and taking his come.

I told her what a naughty girl she was and that such naughtiness should be rewarded by lots of fucking. And that is how this episode came about.

At 9:45 am I knocked on Em's door and she answered in her white nightie, her hair neatly tied ready for work. We walked into the living room and I asked her if she was ready. She lifted her night and I saw her neatly shaven pussy, the waft of fresh shower smell reached me and I fought the urge to go down on her there and then. She lead me up the stairs and I groped her arse as we went. She stopped at the top allowing me to reach my hands round and grab on her small tits, her nipples letting me know exactly how excited she was. I pulled her to me, grinding my cock at her bum.

“And I can tell you are ready,” she giggled. Taking my hand I was taken to the spare room. She sat on the bed and watched me undress. Naked I looked at her and she just grinned.

I wanked my hard cock in front of her, “How long till your cock arrives?”


“And what are you going to do?”

“I am going to fuck him!”

“Anything else?”

“Not if I can help it,” she answered, grinning, “I just want him to fuck me!”

I walked towards her, my cock in my hand pointing to her face.

“I want to fuck him knowing that you are here, listening.”

“Yeah,” I answered stroking my cock up and showing her my balls too, “lucky little slut, getting cock in the morning!”

She licked her lips. “Take it,” I suggested, “get some cock in your mouth.” And she did, licking my shaft as she sucked on my head like a lolly. “Not too much,” I interrupted her pulling out, “probably best not to answer the door with come on your breath.”

On cue, the door bell chimed and she flustered, she whispered at me to stay silent and closed the door firmly behind her.

I heard a mumbled voice, but could not work out any words. I was rock hard trying to work out what was going on, I had my ear on the door, craning to hear anything I could.

Out of nowhere I was rewarded, the sudden sound of flesh smacking on skin and the light yelps that Em makes as she gets rammed hard. My cock was rock hard in my hand and I was barely breathing to save interrupting my listening. I could hear him grunting as well, I well could imagine him being all horny before he arrived, the anticipation of getting his big cock (as Em described it to me) into her tight little snatch. Both of the volumes increased and then promptly stopped.

I heard footsteps and my heart jumped suddenly as they came up the stairs. I desperately wanted to see what was going on, the sounds were so driving me mad.

“Do me here,” Em said, her voice seemed really loud, my ears still tuned in so acutely!, “imagine that my lodger is still in bed!”

He did not speak, but I could hear shuffling. “No, just bend me over,” she instructed him.

“Oh God Yes,” she called and his grunting resumed, I imagined her holding the banister now, bracing herself from his hard fucking. Then a slap on her arse and I nearly lost it, I held my breath even more!

“Oh yeas, harder, HARDER,” she called, “Fuck ME!!” and she came, her breath now heaving from her body and a banging as I envisaged her hitting the wall in ecstasy.

Her breathing subsided and I heard steps again, “Ay?” his voice asked and Em responded, “It's time to go.... come on!” Silence fell and I strained my hearing again. Soon I caught some noises again and it was moans, rising in noise and length. And then rapid gasps of his breath before silence and then a deep growling “aaaagghhhh” and I knew that he had come.

My cock throbbed and it caught my attention, I had left it alone while I leant on the door with both hands.

The front door went and then rapid footsteps and then Em called me, “Harry, come and get me!”

I stepped quickly out of the room and into her bedroom. She lay on the bed, naked, not a hair out of place, but with a very red face. I stood in the doorway, “Well?” I enquired.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “come and fuck me.” I moved to her, “come and fuck me and see where he came!”

she opened her legs and I slipped my cock straight into her in one go. She put her hands to her tits as she moaned out, framing the shiny glisten of his come on them.

“Oh my,” I breathed and I put my mouth to them straight away, “Your pussy feels great,” I mumbled to her, “loose and fucked! You dirty little slut!”

“You can talk, she retorted, “licking up his come, you Cuck wannabe!!”

“It's true,” I laughed as I lapped all over them.

Out of nowhere she exclaimed once more, “Oh FUCK!” and I felt her pussy muscles tighten and spasm on my cock and she came again, this time grabbing me by the butt cheeks pulling her as far in as I could. This was far from a problem as I was driving my rigid cock as hard as I could into her. A beeping sounded from the dresser and I knew what it meant, I let myself go with the last two pushes and buried my come deep inside her.

I rolled off her and collapsed on the bed. Em by comparison leapt up and quickly pulled on a tight pair of knickers. In a flash she had her uniform on and was coming round the bed to me.

“Let yourself out,” she said smiling broadly, “mmmm, I so needed that!”

She kissed me and then was gone.

I was dressed and on my way in half an hour and spent the next few hours in the car heading up the M5 getting texts from Em telling me about her leaking pussy and sodden knickers!