Written by Paul

29 Dec 2006

My wife Karen, ( I am Paul by the way ) comes across as a little stern and not the type who is into porn or wife swapping or screwing her friends other half's ... well that is how she comes across anyway. Behind closed doors nothing could be further from the truth as she will when the urge arrives shove Omar on the DVD and a huge 12 inch dildo right up the hilt inside herself until she brings herself to a very noisy climax, and that is just when she feels the need to cum. When she feels the need to screw, get dp'd or cause some " inferior male " a little pain she turns into the kinky bitch from Hell ... if only our small Town mothers at the Primary School knew what Little Mrs Prim was like behind closed doors, like a few of there husbands do!

I do not know how she can stand on a playground after taking our six year old daughter to school talking to some of the other mothers. Talking to them on a daily and friendly basis knowing occasionally that she will be going home to at the very least blow there husband and swallow everything his has to offer. Each morning the same five women stand in the same spot airing all there dirty laundry and problems, especially of the sexual type .... and that is where she gets ready to pounce. If a wife is not " taking care " of her man in the bedroom than she knows like all guys are, that they are easy meat. And it is meat that she enjoys more than anything, a vegetarian she isn't and the more life in the meat the more carnivorous her appetite becomes.

Take her most recent of conquests with John the boyfriend of one of her early morning friends. Now John has a much higher sex drive than the earlier mentioned girlfriend and this is at times a big cause of friction between the two. Armed with this knowledge Karen on one of the mornings when it was raining heavily asked John for a quick lift home, we only live five minuets walk from School. John being the gentleman he is agreed, I doubt very much it had anything to do with the short skirt / tight top combo she wore that was as wet from the rain as it was lacking underwear beneath it. The journey was over in as little as ninety seconds but the seeds were sown with John from the moment she lent over to kiss his cheek in thanx. The slow lean forward to allow him just enough time to ogle her cleavage from her pert 34c breasts with her hands resting close enough to his groin thigh high to grab attention. If he was at all interested in extra relationship affairs then he would like a few others be offering Karen a lift home in the near future.

Almost one week had passed before John asked Karen if she wanted a lift home as he was going that way, " what all the way " chirped Karen to which John just smiled. John had no idea where that smile was about to get him he really had no idea at all and in just 45 minuets or so he would be fucked, sucked, filmed, photo'd and dumped on the footpath where his erection was dragged in by.

The door had just shut when true to form Karen pounced with one hand around his neck as her lips met his and her tongue probed his mouth, the other hand slowly moving up and around his groin area getting him nice and hard. John looked like a cross between a scared little virgin and a kid in a candy shop as Karen dropped to her knees to sample the cock that she had charmed home to be used for hers and only her fun. Sure John was going to get laid but he was only going to get laid on Karen's terms like it or not.

As John leant against the front door he had just came in through trousers around his ankles and balls in hand he shuddered as his hard cock was taken to mouth. Inch by Inch his cock was taken into Karen's mouth at first just the head which was worked on impressively and bought as many groans as it did jerks and spasms from John in ecstasy. Then more length was taken until John had the pleasure of what is I can inform you some of the best deepthroat you will ever receive and enough to make you cum on it's own should Karen not want to take things a little farther.

Karen stood up, smiled at John a slowly walked him towards the sofa John struggling along with trousers and boxers still around his ankles. Karen again kissed him and slowly sat down on the sofa facing John and beckoning him to kneel before her for what was going to be part two of Johns little treat .... Karen just hoped he was half as good at oral as she was, hell she would settle for 40% ass good if push came to shove. With John knelt before him Karen lifted her ass of the sofa and slid up the knee length skirt above her hips to show no underwear and a very neatly trimmed pussy. She opened her legs and placed a becoming head behind johns head to slowly guide him to what was by now a very moist pussy that needed a little extra work before she fucked her latest prey.

Now John for all his effort was not the best at giving head and tended to concentrate more on the pussy than on the clit which really needed far more attention if Karen was to get off even before penetration, but some men can give head and some just fumble around. Within three minutes of bad oral Karen was again on the move as it was obvious for her to actually enjoy this sex session she would need to be in charge and to dictate the pace and the place. The place was right there and right then, she shoved John back hard enough for him to get the message and he lay on the floor by the sofa as Karen stood up slipped out of her skirt and removed the top she was wearing.

Straddling John she lowered herself towards his cock taking it in her hand to guide him into her pussy. She now like a hungry black widow had her mate where she wanted him and was going to fuck him until he was just about to explode with an orgasm that Karen was going to have for her desert. Slowly at first she began to gyrate herself on him, moving herself in small motions to help increase her lubrication after John had himself failed to do so. Then she began to pick up the pace and the pressure she was fucking him with.

She loved to be in control, she loved being on top because this was by far the best way for her to come and she desperately wanted to come today fucking one of those women's partners ..... John was laying motionless as Karen fucked him, his arms by his side trying so hard to fight back the feeling of wanting to come.

It was written all over his face how close he was to exploding much to the disappointment of Karen who wanted so much more than a few minuets of bad oral received and a case of premature ejaculation. As his breathing quickened Karen knew it was time to lift herself of his cock and again take him into her mouth. If she was not going to get more than an average lay today at least she was going to get to taste some hot spunk rushing into her mouth and down her throat. Gone was the niceties of oral, this was just a case of grabbing his cock and wanking him off into her mouth which she did with vigorous anticipation of tasting him. As he began to come she smothered his cock with her mouth and swallowed almost every drop he had to give, and she did it with a smile. John was more Than satisfied however Karen was not which to her was a bad thing but to me it was ok as after John was moved out of the house as quick as he came in I was moved into her mouth ...... but that is a whole new story!