Written by pussy-cat

23 Nov 2009

I want to share with you something that happened last week on a journey back from seeing family. It was late, about 11pm, and i was on the motorway heading home, when my mind began to wander. I realised i was feeling really horny and was desperate to do something about it, but what could i do, i was driving and there was no-where to stop. I`d deliberately dressed in a skirt, crotchless tights and panties that morning knowing that i might take a detour on the way home, so i pulled up my skirt and started to feel my damp pussy thru the sheer material. But that wasn`t enough, so i got in the slow lane and very carefully slid them down to my ankles and then wiggled them over my shoes. That was better, i could stroke my now bare pussy as i drove along the motorway. It was dark, but i was getting really turned on with the thought of someone seeing what i was doing. I got braver, and in the sections where there were streetlamps i widened my legs and fingered my now dripping wet pussy. Again it wasn`t enough. The road was pretty empty except for a few lorries, so i pulled into the middle lane and drove past one, slowing down as i passed him giving him a great view. He honked his horn and gave me the thumbs up as i drove past so i slowed down again to let him catch up. By this time i was almost ready to cum, but i wanted him to see my pussy again so i flicked on the interior light and drove alongside him with my legs wide apart and my fingers sliding up and down my pussy. He wound down his window, and i did the same, now he had a clear view and he was shouting" f***ing gorgeous babe". By the way his arm was jerking i could tell he was doing the same as me which was too much of a turn-on, and a few seconds later i came all over my fingers. What a wonderful journey, i cant wait for the next time! xxx