Written by Jimmy

12 Apr 2004

My wife and I have now been married for more than thirty years but from almost the first few months of our marriage we or mostly I have had fantasies about her and other men. It is the one way that she can guarantee my erection if she tells me how she fancies being fuckd or licked by another man. Many years ago we did contrive for her to have sex with a young Italian lad she worked with but he came in his pants before anything she recieved any rael pleasure.

We are now in our fifties and we were beginningto feel that we would never fulfill our ambition but a new guy began to work with my wife about 6 weeks ago and ever since she has been comeing home at night and relateing how Pete the new man was flirting with her and how it was starting to become exciting and changing her boring job into something she could'nt wait to go to everyday.

Then It happened. Three night agos I returned from work to find that Cally,my wife was not yet home which was very unusual as she always finished work befor myself. Somehow I knew that the reason was to do with Pete and I became aroused immediately. Suddenly Carole arrived and I knew I was right. She had that look on her face which she always has after good sex. She took my hand and pushed it up her skirt,she had no pants on and her thighs and crotch were dripping with wetness.

Calley then told me how Pete had offered her a lift home and that within seconds of getting into the car his left hand had crept up her thigh(she admitted to me that she had deliberately let her skirt ride up showing more leg than normal).

She opened her legs wide so that he was able to put the flat of his hand aginst her crotch as he was driving and she pushed herself against it feeling the wetness flow and knowing this was what she wanted. Her hand went to his zip .His prick was soon out of his trousers and whilst he was driving Cally bent down and took it into her mouth.The car came to a halt and the parked in asecluded country lane on the outskirts of town. Pete immediately pulled Cally,s pants off and his fingures were up her and covered in her wetness which I can tell you is something to behold when she is really excited. He then had her blouse open an bra undone and her nipples were soon in his mouth she said that everthing was done at 100mph because they were both so excited after the weeks of flirting and dirty talk.

His mouth then found her clit and literally within seconds she was screaming with her orgasm.

Cally then went down on him again she said his prick was slightly shorter than mine but much thicker. cally loves to suck me but this was first time she had done to another man and she was turned on more than she would ever have believed . She sucked and sucked until he exploded into her mouth and the both lay back into there seats both taken aback by the whole experience.

Pete then drove her home which is how I found myself with my hand up her skirt. We then had th best sex we have ever had and planned our next move. I would love for Cally to bring Pete to our house and have him fuck her while I am hidden in the next room or even the ward robe. We will keep you informed