Written by Fiona

17 Aug 2005

Last summer I started an Internet group where I posted my adventures, hoping that others would post theres as well. To cut a long story short, the group never really worked, (most contributors wanted to receive and not give!) but I enjoyed a long aand hot correspondence with Greg, a 25 year old Londoner. Judging from his email he lead an exciting life, and his photos showed a massive dong that suggested there were lots of lucky ladies in London!!

I told Greg that I had a business trip to London (true!!) but I told him that I was only going to be avialable for 90 minutes or so in the early afternoon. Like the gent he is, he suggested that he bought me lunch, and we arranged to meet in a restaurant in Leicester Square.

Of course, I had all afternoon and evening free, but I enjoyed the excitement of knowing that! After finishing my business at about 11, I returned to my hotel room and gave myself a good work out with my dildo, knowing that this would give ame a little more endurance for later.

I showered, and then decided what to wear. Knowing a little about Greg, I selected a pair of stillettos, black hold up stockings and nothing else apart from my just above the knee length coat!! As I left the hotel, I could feel the anticaption rising!!

It was a short taxi ride to the restaurant, and I was already, despite my dildo activity, getting turned on in the cab, and it was hard not to start playing with myself!

I arrived at the restaurant before Greg, and so got myself a drink at the bar. I refused the waiters offer to take my coat (!) and sat down. I could see that several of the guys there were giving me the eye!

Greg arrived a few minutes later, and we went straight to the table. I sat with my back to the rest of the restaurant, as I intended on giving Greg a good flash if the opportunity arose. He apologised again for being in a hurry, and said that he had to get back to work so we would only be able to have main course, and we quickly placed our order.

Once the waiteress (who was a young girl of only about 19 in a fantascially sexy short black uniform!) left, we started talking about our mutual sex lives. It was clear that Greg shared my interest in lively and exotic sex, and wasn't too interested in manogonmy either! He told a fantastic story about when he went on holiday and ended up having a foursome with three girls he met in a nightclub, which really got me excited!!

Anyway the food came and went, and Greg said that he had better be getting back to work. There was no way that I was going to let him, and so I said "watch this" and slowly unbuttoned the top of my coat so that he could see gradully more and more cleavage and then more cleavage and then my left nipple, and then my right and then, as I saw the two businessmen sitting at the table next door (who had been listening into our conversation!) looking I quickly put them away.

"Its yours if you want it" I said, and so Greg told me to wait while he paid and made a call to his office that something had come up (!) and he wouldn't be back for a while, and it was out and in a cab to my hotel. We snogged as the cab travelled through the seats, with Greg trying to grope my boobs through my coat but, even though Iwas giving his tool a good going over through his trousers.

We arrived at my hotel, and went straight to the lifts. As the door closed, I unbuttoned my coat, revealing all to Greg for the 1st time. As I felt the lift start to stop, I pushed my coat behind me, and put my hands on my hips - as the lift doors opened, had anyone been there they would have got a full frontal!!

Unfortunately there was not, so with my coat flapping behind me, we went to my room. As we arrived, I stood between Greg and the door, and told him to kiss me. As his tongue went deep into my mouth, I put my arms around his kneck and lifted myself up, straddiling his waist with my legs, able to feel his erection through his trousers. He started to put his arms around me, but pulled away, and said that he couldn't wait any longer.

So, I took my coat off, so that I was naked in the corridor apart from black stilletos and stockings, and let us in. As soon as we walked in I lay on the bed, and ordered Greg to strip slowly. I had already told him that I loved it when men slowly undress before me, and as he slowly removed his clothes, my hand slipped betweeen my legs as I started to frig myself off.

Until it came to just his boxers. Stop there I said, and knealt on the bed before him. I slowly pulled them down, to reveal nine inches of erect glory. I wanked him a few times and started to play with his tip with my tongue before I took him fully into my mouth.

He umped my mouth a few times before I realised thatwe were both at the point of no return, so I pulled away, got off the bed and leant over the desk in the room. Greg didn't need asking twice, and walked behind me, and thrusted his massive tool deep inside my wet and willing cunt. He only had to thrust a few times before he came, his spunk oozing out of my dripping cunt, however, he was enough of a gent to continue pumping until a moan indicated a massive orgasm from myself. As I collapsed onto the bed, Greg hurredly dressed and then had to leave back to work.

A previously arranged appointment meant that I was unable to meet him again that night, but I can't wait for my next trip to London and to meet him again for some more relaxed fun!!