Written by Garv1e

18 Dec 2006

I was sitting in the hotel bar minding my own business when this very attractive girl in her mid to late thirties came in and ordered a drink. At first she sat down at a table on her own and was out of my line of sight. After about 20 minutes she came back to the bar for anoher drink and sat on a bar stool about 5 feet away from me. Once she had been served I heard her say "hi". I looked round and she said are you here on business? I said I was and she said she was too. We did the usual banter and I found out she worked for the same company as me ( a national utility) but was from the west country while I am based in Scotland. After the usual moans about the company I said to her that i was going out to get somehting to eat and asked her if she would like to join me. She said no thanks but I might still be here in the bar when you get back. I went out to a place quite close to the hotel and had dinner with a half bottle of wine. When I got back my new acquaintance wasn't in the bar so I ordered a drink and thought no more about it. The barmaid who served me wasn't the one that had been on earlier and she and I had a brief chat about the weather etc. The original barmaid came back about 20 minutes later and said hello while handing me an envelope. I said who's this from and she told me it was from the girl I had been talking to earlier. I opened the envelope and there was a cryptic message saying I hope to see you later and her room number.

I was a bit apprehensive about the situation so thought for while before deciding to phone her room. She answered almost immediately and said why don't you come up and we can have a chat about the company and whatever else comes up.

I had another drink then made my way to her room. I knocked and she answered the door in what can only be described as a state of undress. She was wearing a skimpy thong and had a vest type thing on top with no bra. Her nipples where quite prominent and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Needless to say my cock went hard and formed a tent in my trousers!

She said I have a bottle of champagne on ice here and offered me a glass. I couldn't take my eyes of her beautiful tits and she said did I like what was on view. I said yes whereupon she took of the vest thingy to expose her small but perfectly formed tits with large erect nipples. I moved towards her but before I could do anyting she took her glass of cold champagen and gently massaged her nipples with it. This just made them more enlarged. She then poured a little champagne over each nipple and invited me to taste it. I was there in a flash and gave her tits and nipples a thorough going over. I eventually felt bold enough to reach down and touch her pussy over her tiny thong. She was absolutely soaking wet so I moved the thong aside and put one finger deep inside her. I quickly added a second and third finger and she started to ride my hand while all the time getting wetter and wetter. I started to kiss her neck and then moved to her mouth which led to an exchange of tongues. I then started moving down her body kissing her every inch of the way until I got to her pussy. I then started licking an sucking her wet pussy and clit until she had what i can only describe as semi- orgasm. She just seemed to melt for moment and gave out a little whimper. She then took my fingers that had been in her pussy and sucked on them before getting down on her knees to give me a fantastic blow job. I took a wee while to recover but managed to do so after some foreplay involving her ass.

Once i was erect again she asked me ever so politely to fuck her which I proceeded to do but only after pretending to go in the wrong hole! After a grindingly good fuck she played with my cock and balls for a while why I fingered her pussy and her ass. She said she liked anal and that i could fuck her ass if I wanted. Well I had only ever done anal once before so I leapt at the chance to repeat the experience. It was fantastic - her ass was very tight and while it took a goood few minutes to get fully into her once I was in she couldn't get enough! She was moving back to meet my forward thrusts and saying in a very soft voice how much she was enjoying it. I couldn't hold on for long and after about 10 minutes I told her I was about to cum. She said to cum in her ass so did and I don't think I have ever come so much or so hard before or since.

We spent the rest of the night playing and fucking and I was truly knackered the morning after. We said out goodbyes and I thought that would be the end of it but she emailed me a couple of days later with the dates of her next few London visits so hopefully I can find an excuse to be there when she is.