Written by Jim and Gill

11 Nov 2006

This experience is rather long winded but there is good reason. Last weekend me (Jim , 51yrs) and the Gill the wife (47yrs) went to London for a break and a bit of a dirty weekend. On the Saturday I took Gill shopping up the West End which ended up with her buying a new set of lacy underwear which included stockings and suspenders which knocked me back a good sixty pound. After shopping we ended up in a bar off Shaftsbury Avenue for a few drinks. One thing led to another and we started to discuss our fantasy of a threesome with a stranger. An ideal opportunity I said. Here we are in London, no one will know us and we’ll never see the person again. This idea appealed to Gill as this gave her some anonymity which has always been one of her hang ups. How do we find someone suitable?, she asks. I had to give it some thought but by the time we had returned to the hotel I had come up with a cunning plan. Gill had showered and made herself ready for the night ahead. She thoughtfully shaved herself a couple of days previously ready for our weekend away so the new black stockings, suspenders and underwear were an added bonus. That evening after an early dinner Gill wouldn’t let me get near her and as an added tease she got dressed in the bathroom so I was not aware of how she looked beneath her dress. I was like a dog on heat. When she came out of the shower room she looked absolutely great and the smell of her perfume gave her that extra umph. The plan was that we travel up to Liverpool Street station and I would leave Gill to wander around or go for a coffee. I would then go to the Rainbow Club (a strip bar) just up the road, to find a ‘willing victim’. I would tell him that I was meeting a good friend that night who was a married woman who has told me that she was interested in a threesome. Once found and hooked I would bring him back to the Station where Gill would view our subject from a distance and then decide whether or not he was suitable.

We got going and took the tube to Liverpool Street. I had an erection like no other and Gill informed me that she was ‘rather wet’. I dropped her off at a Costa and after a quick kiss and a cuddle off I went. All was going to plan and I arrived at the Rainbow about nine and bought a drink. I wander the floor taking the sights and discreetly eyeing the customers. The women were quite delicious and I thought about Gill dancing around a pole in her underwear with a bar full of blokes ogling hers. I was dribbling like a tap. Anyway I digress. It didn’t take me long to find Dave. He was thirty six, divorced and moved to London working as a shop fitter. He was a normal sort of guy, 5’ 10 with short fair hair, average build and came from Mansfield. He was propping the bar up keeping out the way of the hustle and bustle and watching the strippers. I wormed my way over to him and made conversation. He offered to buy me a drink so I concluded that he couldn’t be that bad. The conversation eventually got around to marriage when told me of his situation which then lead onto me telling him about this woman I was seeing. I went onto say that I was seeing her tonight and was waiting for her train to arrive at Liverpool Street. Then I hit him with it. He eyed me with suspicion but I eventually got him hooked. We soon left the bar and went to the station. I told him that if Gill asked me how we knew each other he would tell her that he knew me from a previous job That way I could introduce him to Gill and if he wasn’t keen on her he could leave without too much fuss. Gill in the meanwhile would see us waiting outside the station and if she wasn’t keen on our friend she could give me a call on the mobile and abort our meeting. We stood there only a few minutes when I saw Gill walking towards us. My legs were like jelly. Gill looked quite stunning in her long dark coat and black stockings and high heels. Her long fair hair tied up in a tied up on the back of her head. I introduced Dave to Gill and things got off to a positive start. I introduced Dave as an old acquaintance and asked him if he’d like to go for a drink for old time sake, to which and my great delight he accepted.

Gill was like a school girl and was getting on with Dave like a house on fire, laughing and joking and no doubt looking forward to some hanky panky.

After a couple of drinks I casually dropped in a sentence about threesomes to which Gill made out to be curious but added that she was too shy and ‘too old’ try such a thing and that no man would want her. Dave however rose to the occasion and made it known that she was still desirable and that I was lucky to know such a pretty woman, etc etc. It worked a treat. An hour later we were back in our hotel room – I had a hard on like I’ve never had before. Even Gill had a bit of a spring in her step and managed to inform me that her pants were soaking. There was however an awkward moment when we stood in our hotel room not knowing what to do next but I took the bull by the horns and said, ‘We all know why we’re here, lets get on the bed’. The three of us got on the bed with Gill in the middle and almost straight away Gill and Dave were kissing each other. A funny feeling came over me. One of jealousy, envy, panic and even rage but this was coupled with sexual arousal and lust far greater than I’ve ever experienced. What a feeling. Here was my wife on a bed kissing away with a stranger knowing that very soon she would be getting a new cock inside her.

After a few passionate kisses Gill came up for air, looked over her shoulder at me and said, ‘Jim, unzip me’. I felt as though I was a spare at prick at a wedding. I did as she asked. Dave was back on her and his hand quickly peeled her dress down her body and down to her feet. Gill kicked it to one side. She looked fantastic in her fine new underwear and a wave of jealously consumed me. I tried to claim her back by running my hands across her shoulders and arms but my attention went unheeded as Dave and Gill had other things on their minds. I could see Gills hands trying to unbutton Dave’s jeans and Dave was pouring his hands over Gills bottom and thighs. I got off the bed and began to undress. I could see the two of them locked in embrace and my wife desperately trying to get into his jeans. I took my trousers off in a feeble effort to joining in but then I heard a long groan coming from Gill as her hand found its way into his pants. I could see that her hand was going up and down the inside of his jeans. I felt sick ….. but overwhelmed by sexual desire. Dave then loosened her bra and pulled it away from her body. Their embrace parted as Dave got this hand on her left boob. Gill fell back onto the bed and Dave’s mouth was on her left nipple in a flash. Gills eyes were closed as she tried to get her left hand into his jeans. Gill looked so horny. I then climbed back on the bed and got my mouth around Gills right nipple. She was now moaning and groaning as we teased and pulled at her boobs and nipples. I felt much better now that I was getting in on the action. Dave had now removed his jeans and shorts giving Gill access to what I could see as a good size erection. Her hand now running up and down his swollen dick. God, I thought she’s going to have that inside her soon. My cock swelled even more and I dribbling fluid like a tap. Gill then groaned again and her body jerked as Dave had pushed his left hand into her pants and now had his hand between her legs. Dave then spoke for the first time. ‘Fucking hell, Jim she’s soaking’. What could I ay, ‘Yeah, better than the Rainbow, eh’?. Dave replied ‘Dead right mate’, Gill now had her legs wide open as Dave’s fingers worked magic with her insides. I could hear the familiar sound of her juices being churned up by his fingers. ‘Dave’ I said’ He looked across at me still sucking her left nipple. ‘Get her knickers off’. He sat up and pulled at her black lacy pants. Gills legs closed and her bottom lifted off the bed as he slid down to her ankles. Gills legs opened to take his fingers again. Dave half sat up and looked down at her bare fanny. “ Nice enough to eat’ he said as he crawled between her legs. Gills legs opened wide as Dave buried his tongue into her wet slit. Gill groaned and hung onto his head as his tongue lapped at her swollen labia. Gill was thrashing unable to get away from the tongue lashing. She gave an almighty groan and I knew that she had cum. She lay there gasping as Dave crawled back up the bed. His cock bounced as he moved alongside Gill. Dave then said ‘How was that Gill?. ‘Lovely’ was her only reply. He moved further up the bed, took hold of his cock and waved it in front of Gills face. I was surprised to see that she took hold of it and took it in her mouth and began to suck at it with short jabbing movements. She often said that she wouldn’t suck another person cock but here she was sucking it for dear life. Dave was moaning as he played with her nipples thrusting his dick into her throat. I was fingering her hole as well sucking her nipple. I was sure that she had forgotten about me and was totally engrossed with Dave’s cock. After a few minutes Dave with drew and things slowed down a bit. Gill lay there smiling at me. Dave then said. ‘Gill, I love your shaven pussy’. Gill then said out of the blue ‘I love your swollen cock’. The three of us laughed as he waved in front of her face. I hardly hear that sort of talk from Gill so this once again took me by surprise. He then got back onto the bed and got between her legs. Gill legs opened wide showing off her wide open lips. Her woman hood was ready and waiting. Dave looked at me and said ‘ Do you want to have ago first ’. I was tempted but I said, ‘No’ I think she’s ready for you’. Gill, the brazen hussy, said ‘ Right now I’m ready for anyone’.

Dave got up close and leaned his body forward. Gill gave a long groan as Dave slid deep into her wet open pussy. He held himself there for a few seconds as Gill held on to his arms, mouth open but nothing coming out. Dave lurched forward. Another long groan and then he began to give Gill a few long hard thrusts which made her cum yet again. I don’t know how long Dave pounded between Gills opened legs but she was taking every inch. He put her legs straight up, over his shoulders and over her head. He bent her knees till they squashed her boobs. He bent one leg while one was straight . He kissed her nipples and pulled at her tits. He licked her pussy once again before giving her some more serious fucking. Gill was loving the new found attention and none stop fucking. I was dying to shag her but I knew I wasn’t getting anything until Dave had finished with her. I lost count of how many orgasms Gill had but she was having the time of her life. Dave took her from behind at one point which enabled Gill to get to grips with my dick but I came almost straight away as I felt her body rock to the fucking Dave was giving her. Dave was pulling at her suspenders and had his hands in and out of her stockings and pulling at her hips. It was an incredible sight to behold, my wife getting well and truly fucked by a guy she’d only known just over an hour.

Gill was encouraging Dave to cum inside of her and fill her up. Dave speeded up as he let loose. Both Gill and Dave moaned and groaned together as he emptied his load as he was asked.

The three of us collapsed on the bed exhausted. Those two from the physical and me from mental.

We lay and talked for a while about all sorts of things but Gill began to get a bit frisky and began to stoke Dave’s flaccid dick. She then turned to me and did the same. We in returned sucked a Gill’s nipples and fingered her well used fanny. Dave recuperated before me and climbed between Gills open legs and gave her yet another seeing to. He must have been going at her for a good ten or fifteen minutes or so before he came for a second time. When he had finished I slide in on his deposit but again I was so horny that I only managed a few strokes before I let loose. This was the fist time I had two hard -ons and two cums in years. Dave was with us for another half an hour or so before he left our room. He gave Gill his phone number and told her that if she ever wanted another threesome to give him a call any time. However I suspect he was after a session with Gill without out me. Gill and I had a fantastic time reliving our session and we’ve had great sex ever since. Gill said that she was really turned on by the experience and would happily do it again. As for me? I’m not sure. Initially I felt a bit left out as they romped on the bed but there again it was me who initiated this fantasy and me who wanted Gill to feel a new cock inside her so to be fair I shouldn’t complain.

We still talk about it and we still get seriously turned on about the whole evening so perhaps another session with Dave maybe on the cards or perhaps we could go for someone completely different.