Written by DOROTHY

10 Mar 2005

The garden was warm and inviting, my wednesday off, how I look forward to these lazy summer afternoons.I had just finished my household chores same old drudge day in day out so I decided enough is enough and as it was a lovely warm afternoon i stripped down to a light t-shirt and short denim mini skirt. No underwear so i could feel the light summer breeze tickling my pussy.....it feels so sexi like a mans tongue lightly flicking the clitoris and oh how horny that makes me feel...anyway into the garden i go book and long tall glass of white wine.I didnt notice straight away there were 2 roofers on the house directly opposite but when i did i thought go on girl give them a good show and make their day. I straddled my recliner and began reading my book after a while i slowly sucked my finger ready to insert it into myself...I knew they were looking so i writhed and pushed deeper I could see the younger of the two nearly falling off the roof to get a better look so i stripped off my t-shirt and began fondling my by now erect nipples sucking my fingers and inserting them again and again into my pussy. I felt so horni knowing they were watching but I needed cock by now so i shouted up and asked whethr they needed a long cold drink.the older one shouted back and began to descend down the ladder making his way over to me. "We enjoyed watching you and I am as hard as rock " he said straight to the point just how i like my men to be ."would you like more of the same or shall we give your buddy something to watch" i said gently pulling him onto the recliner with me. We began kissing and he fondled my breasts with his dirty hands. I stripped off his shirt and saw his large muscular shoulders and practically creamed myself my pusy dripping with excitement.His large hands explored my body all over moving quite deftly to my pussy whilst kissing me gentle "Harder" I gasped and he began biting my neck and breasts. I arched my back pushing myself onto his hands and felt the strong fingers deep within me.We then laid on the lawn and he thrust himself deep into me with his huge cock,grunting at every ever deepening thrust......he was an expert with his cock and his tongue and lips made me orgasm with such force i began to scream out in extacy. He pushed harder and finally shuddered to a climax his hot spunk filling me and making me feel so good.We laid for a litle while then i said he must go finish the job and if they were still there next wednesday maybe both of them could come over and play with me........