Written by Sue

28 Jul 2006

Hi I'm Sue, forty four, married with two grown up children, My bust has just got bigger and bigger since the kids were born, it was a very modest 36B then, now it's 38DD, yes OK I've put on a bit of weight over the years but my waist is only 26" and my hips 37", I'm five six in my socks.

My husband is a sucessful businuss man and has recently bought me a new car, the roof folds into the boot, with this hot weather I have been driving it with the top down, both the roof and mine, showing my tits off to the lorry and van drivers as I overtake them on the dual carraige way, this is fun and gets me all hot and very wet, going home to fuck my man's brains out, but he's so engrossed with his company he is often too tired to give me what I need.

Last week I had been out flashing the lorry drivers, when I noticed the temp' gauge was getting too high, I slowed down and pulled into a lay-by, to let it cool down, pulling my boob tube up to cover my tits, I had hardly come to a stop when a lorry pulled in behind me, the driver jumped down from his cab and walked up to the side of my car, I told him the car had overheated, he replied so had he watching me overtake, with my tits hanging out, it was hot in the car with the air con off, because the engine had stopped, he suggersted it would be cooler in his lorry, he persuaded me to get in, it was difficult in a short tight skirt, he helped me up, putting his hands right onto my sex as he pushed me into the cab, he climbed in beside me and asked me to show him my tits again, I had never thought about flashing at this close quarters but he had seen me as I passed him so thought what the hell, and pulled my top down exposing my big tits to him.

He asked if he could touch, i didn't answer because I didn't know what to say, he took my silence as a yes and started to fondle my bust, at first it was a bit frightening but it soon became very sexy, the first man for a lot of years to touch my tits, he gripped my nipples quite hard, much harder them my husband does, it hurt a bit but sent shivers down to my throbbing pussy, he leaned over and sucked my nipple into his mouth, I was lost, he could do whatever he wanted to, it was so sexy.

His hand stroked my leg, bare as it was so hot and traveled the short distance to my very wet thong, he gently stroked my pussy then easing the thin gusset to one side slipped his finger into my willing pussy, he suggested we got into the bunk behind the seats and without a word, I climbed through, he pulled my thong off and went down on me, I love it but my man isn't keen on oral, I always keep myself shaven because I like it that way, he did too, making all sorts of nice comments on my bare pussy, he moved me round so he was kneeling over me, with his crotch in my face, I reached up and felt his cock through his jeans, he groand and said pull them down, I undid his belt and pulled his jeans and boxers down to expose his hard manhood, now I would love to tell you he was big but sadly he wasn's as big as my man, probably about five to six inches.

He moved so his cock was resting on my lips, I just opened my mouth and in it popped, he was going great guns on my pussy finding my clitty and making me writhe with pleasure, I think I went too hard at his cock because he shot his come without warning, not being able to do anything else I swallowed it all, my climax followed shortly after, the strange thing was his cock had not softened at all, it was still very hard, he lifted me off him and put me on my knees, my faverite position, and sunk his cock as far as it would go into me, only the second cock ever to invade my pussy, he gripped my hips and pumped into me like a man possesed, driving me to two more climaxes, before he emptied his come into my wet hole.

Thinking it was over, I started to move away from him but he gripped my hips harder and said it's not finished yet, I then realised his cock was still hard, sorry to keep harking back to my husband but he would have had difficulty in getting it up twice in a night, but it's the only yard stick I have to go on, are there many men out there who can keep hard for several climaxes? he turned me over and hooked my legs over his shoulders, exposing my sex for his maximum penetration, as he wasn't huge it felt OK, he then reached out to his bag and got a cock ring out, nothing like I have seen before, it was about three inches long and covered with knobbles, it had an extension that I found out was designed to rub against my clitty, god did it work.

He fucked me hard and deep, his cock felt so much bigger in this position with the thing on his cock, I climaxed within seconds of him entering me and didn't stop for what seemed like hours, never before have I had so many climaxes, three being my best up to now, his cock working on my insides and that thing rubbing my clit every time he pushed into me, plus his hands on my tits, pulling and gripping my nipples, making them burn with lust, I really don't know how long he fucked me but it felt like forever, my head was swimming almost feinting with the passion he was building inside me.

Eventually he said I'm going to fill your cunt with my spunk, hope you are on the pill because I'm going to squirt it right up you, it didn't matter I can't get pregnant, but his hot seed filling me seemed to set fire to me, I had the most earth shattering climax ever, he pulled out and took the thing off his cock, to my relief it wilted, I couldn't take any more, I was well and truly fucked, he helped me get dressed and we got out of the cab, I went to the car and it had cooled down enough to be able to drive it, gives you some idea how long he used me, it was well over an hour, he thanked me and asked if I was OK, then got back into his lorry and drove away.

I had never considered the fact that a breakdown could put me in a situation like this, but not complaining, it was something that I never though would happen, but it just might happen again!

Love Sue