Written by Joyce

23 Jan 2004

I had been seeing M at least once a week since our first encounter in the shower, at the gym or at my place or his or going out. My reputation at the gym had gone up or down depending how you look at it as word of M fucking me in the shower spread. A couple of months had passed when one day I was in the gym it was quiet M a couple of guys in their early 20's A & J regulars a guy about 50 I hadn't seen before, I was on a rowing machine when D the owners son who was looking after the gym came over after a short exchange of banter he removed my T shirt to the delight of everone there as D had said he'd locked the door I continued on the rowing machine till my time was up, I started to make my way to the treadmill A stopped me he started to suck my nipple and then pulled my shorts off with just my socks and trainers on I started on the treadmill. As you can proable guess by now I was the only one doing any exercise the rest were just watching me. M came over as he got to where I was he took his shorts of and said come here Joyce I'am not having sloppy seconds he pushed me against the wall and took me from behind D said thats not fare you've had her once M said not since yesturday.

It felt great to have M's huge cock inside me and four more watching as M filled me with his juices D produced a pack of condoms I helped put it on and as he lay down I lowered my stretched pussy over his cock the other guys were fondling my tits. P the older guy was happy to wanked he came over my face and tits. A had me lay on a weights bench while he fucked J had me on the floor dog style.

After all the guys had given me a good fucking I went for a shower M followed me in and as the water flowed once more M's more than ampple cock was in my sloppy pussy it felt so nice I could feel every inch of his cock inside me it just felt so good as he filled my pussy again as the other guys had used condoms it was nice to be full of spunk again.

On the way out D past me my phone it was on slide show I hadn't noticed he had taken some pics on it I couln't wait to show hubby what I'd been up to at the gym. When I got to school to pick the kids up one of my friends asked what I'd been up to her face was a picture when I told her and even more so when I showed her the pics. There's a great pic of me topless on the rowing machine in the gym office and a security vidio there's a waiting list to see.