Written by Belinda

1 Dec 2004

You touched my hand

I look up, our eyes met

There's a look on your face

That I will never forget

You run you fingers down my spine

A shiver is there

Your caress is so gentle

Your lips touch my hair

I feel your sweet breath

Against my soft cheek

Your lips kiss mine

And my knees feel weak

You gently hold me

Close in your arms

So soft and desirable

I give in to your charms

We lay together

Your fingers find mine

You explore my body

It feels quite divine

Rhythmically our bodies

Become as one

Lost in excitment

Our passion has begun

You moan in my ear

As I touch the tip of your clit

My body lays on yours

It is a perfect fit

I feel your curves

And your beautiful bum

Your finger tips are skillful

And in no time I've come

Locked in your caress

Your nipples I suck

Our bodies move fast

Writhing in a girly fuck

You kiss my neck

And on down my back

To the base of my spine

And into the crack

Your lips find my fanny

And they dart inside

I delight at your movements

My legs open wide

I ripple and squirm

Underneath your touch

It really feels beautiful

And I love it so much

I then lick your cunt lips

And my tongue soothes your soul

I explore your openning

And enter the hole

You scream out when you are coming

And yell out my name

I cuddle beside you

Will life ever be the same?

I have never made love

With a woman before

This is the beginning

And I must have more

Smiling you take me back in your arms

Close together again entwined

Relaxed and happy you hold me tight

As one in body and mind.

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