Written by Southern Boy

29 Jul 2003

We live on a small estate and have a very secluded garden, only overlooked by the young couple who live behind. They have two small kids and his mother lives with them. The other week when it was very hot, we had been out and decided when we got home to have a quick dip in the small hot tub we have in the garden. It was dark, one thing led to another and I ended up fucking the wife in the tub.

A few days ago she was working away. I was working in the garden and the older lady from the house behind was cutting their grass. As she finished she was close to our wall and we started chatting. She told me her son and family we away so she was just keeping the garden tidy for them. She said she was very hot, so I asked her if she wanted to take a dip to cool off! She accepted instantly! For a woman approaching 60 she still has a remarkebly good body with very large tits that sag slightly. We chatted as we sat in the water and I told her how glad we were to have the hot tub in this weatther and what fun it was. " It certainly looked like fun the other night ! " she said and reached forward to grab my rapidly expanding cock and balls through my trunks. I stood and she pulled me toward her, pulling down my trunks and taking my cock straight into her mouth. " You enjoyed the show then " I said, " Oh yes and now I want you to fuck me" she said. We got out of the water, she pulled her costume of and laid on the edge of a sunbed with her pussy just on the edge and her feet on the floor. I knelt between her legs and started to bite and kiss her massive tits. Then I moved my mouth to her cunt and started to lick for all I was worth. She was very wet and sweet tasting for an old lady. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up " Fuck my cunt now and hard " she ordered. I moved between her legs and placed my cock at the entrance to ner pussy and eased my length into her. She was surprisingly tight - " Dont be gentle - Fuck me really hard and fast " I rammed my cock all the way into her again and started to fuck her like a madman. I could feel my balls banging against her ass every time my cock filled her cunt to the rim. She was groaning loudly and urging me to fuck her harder and harder. I hammered away at her cunt for a good five minutes before she exploded into a huge orgasm which was my cue to pull out of her stand and shoot my load as hard as I have ever known all over her tits, stomach and some going onto her face. She licked my cum from her lips and took each tit in her mouth to lick them clean before sitting up and sucking the last of my cum from my shrinking cock.

" God I have needed that for years ! " she said, stood, dressed quickly and thanked me for the swim. " Can I come over again ? " she asked as she left " What are neighbours for ! " was all I could say !!!

She has been back several times. Want to hear more ??