Written by Puppy

7 Apr 2004

We go into Danni’s bedroom I know it’s her room as it said it on the door. I went and sat on the bed and then she went out of the room. I took off my coat and was wondering what Emma was doing. She was so hot those huge breast’s, they were magnificent.

Danni then came back into the room with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses, we sat and drank it as we kissed and touched each other. She took up and took her dress off, she was standing there completely naked apart from her boots, she then began to touch herself and I got more turned on. I took off my top and my jeans and threw them on the floor I then pulled Danni over to me. I then lay down and got her to move sit over me and then I pushed her ass towards my face and she moved a little more and sat on my face. I began to lick and suck at the clit and then I pushed my tounge into her and explored her inside with my tounge. As I was licking her and sucking her pussy I was rubbing her clit with my finger as my other hand was holding her ass.

I rubbed faster and licked her harder until she screamed out and came all in my mouth. She then got up and went into her wardrobe and pulled out this dildo thing and then once she turned around I realised it was a strap on. She put it on and told me to turn around I turned around and was bent over the bed and she pushed it inside of me and fucked me from behind. First she was slow and then she got faster and faster until I finally climaxed. She then took the strap on off and we got under the covers, we were rolling around under the sheets just kissing and touching. I was liying on top of her and I was kissing and nibbling her neck and then I rolled over and Danni was now on top.She was kneading my breasts as she was kissing me she moved around so we were in the 69 position and I held her firm ass cheeks as I licked and sucked her juicey pussy. We licked and sucked for ages and then I slipped my fingers inside her whilst licking her clit I then fucked her with my fingers. This must have turned her on cause she reached down for the strap on and shoved inside me as she was sucking at my clit. I came almost straight away I licked her hard and fucked her with my fingers faster until she screamed out and came all over my face.

We then lay there for a moment and then Danni came up to me and we kissed and touched. I looked over at the clock by the bed it was 3:30am, I turned to Danni and we kissed and then she turned over and I was cuddling her from behind. Then I fell alseep.

Loads more to come...