Written by Brian

16 Dec 2004

A few months ago my local pub was sold and the new management totally revamped the place. It used to be a drab and dirty with a handful of people who only drank there because it was conveniently located, but they modernised it and brightened the whole place up. The new look attracted a younger clientele though most of the old regulars, including me remained.

There were a lot of good looking young girls coming into the pub, particularly on a Friday and Saturday night when they had music. Being a normal, horny bloke it was difficult not to get turned on, especially by some of the more provocatively dressed ones. I’m 42, married and have been faithful to my wife throughout our marriage until recently. It’s not that I am a saint just that the opportunity never arose and I didn’t actively go looking for it.

Over the weeks some of the new faces became familiar and I had even got to know a few of the new regulars. Two of them were Des and Lilly, a youngish couple in their early twenties. They always came in on their own and I chatted to them on a few occasions. They were very nice and I came to enjoy their company and despite the age difference we all seemed to get on very well. Lilly is an attractive lady with a mass of wavy, brown hair. She has a nice body, not porn star material, but sexy in all the right ways. I had lustful feelings towards her from the first time I met her and confess to having a couple of wanks thinking about her.

Last Saturday I was in the pub during the late afternoon when Des came in. He sat beside me and we chewed the fat, mainly discussing the day’s football results. The time rolled on pretty quickly and I suddenly realised it was nearly seven o’clock. I had arranged to bring my wife to the cinema and thought she would be furious that I had forgotten. I rang, but surprisingly she was fine, saying she was really tired after Christmas shopping all day and would prefer a bath and an early night.

I ordered another couple of pints and Des and I watched the band set up and do their sound check. At about eight o’clock Lilly arrived in. She was looking very tasty and was wearing a fairly low cut top that showed enough cleavage to make it very difficult not to stare.

As the place filled up we moved away from the bar as it was getting too busy. We ended up standing because all the seats were taken and by the time the band started up it was difficult to move because there were so many people. The band was very good and Lilly certainly liked them. She was semi-dancing in front of me, swinging her hips from side to side without actually moving. Every so often people would move and she would brush against me rubbing her arse right across my crotch. It didn’t take long before I was sporting a full erection, which was getting difficult to hide since the trousers I was wearing were fairly loose.

At first I kept trying to lean away from her when she moved back, but there wasn’t really any way to avoid her and after a little while I started to wonder if she was doing it deliberately. I became even more suspicious when a couple of times she briefly backed into me when there was no one in front of her forcing her to do so.

After a while the band took a break. Lilly didn’t act in any way differently towards me than she ever did, even when Des went to the loo and we were alone. I decided I must have imagined her intentions. When the band started up again and people started moving the occasional brush of her bum against me resumed. Once again my dick began to harden only this time I was left in no doubt that the rubbing was not accidental. Lilly began to back into me more and more until eventually she was pressed right against me grinding her backside into my groin. I glanced over at Des and he just looked at me smiling.

At this stage I was pretty confused but very much enjoying what was going on. The band stopped when one of the guitarists broke a string. Lilly turned around but instead of moving away from me she pressed herself into me again and said in my ear to follow her and started heading towards the door. I looked at Des who was still smiling and winked at me. I was still unsure what was going on but decided to go along anyway.

When I got outside Lilly was waiting. She put her arms around me and started kissing me. I was surprised but kissed her back. She asked me to come back to her house with her and fuck her. They lived a short walk away so I reckoned we had time for me to go and get back home without my wife wondering where I had been. As we walked she told me that she loved being fucked by older guys and Des loved to use her afterwards. I was only too happy to oblige.

When we got to their flat we went in and Lilly started peeling off her clothes. At first I just stood watching her until she asked me did I want to join in or what so I undressed. I was a bit self-conscious being old enough to be her father and not still possessing the athletic build of my youth, but she quickly put me at my ease by pulling me to her and kissing me. We were soon on the couch with our hands all over each other. I moved down and parted her legs and was greeted by a beautiful sight. Her pussy was lightly trimmed, with lovely luscious lips. I teased her for a while licking everywhere but her pussy but eventually couldn’t resist and was soon lapping away at her like a thirsty puppy. I didn’t take long for her to come and she tried to pull me up asking me to fuck her but I kept going and made her come again. Then I moved up until we were level and my cock was nudging her pussy. She put her hand down and eased me into her. Her cunt was very wet and within a few seconds I was pushing my full length in and out of her. Thanks to the amount of drink I had consumed I was able to fuck her for a good twenty minutes. Eventually I felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm approaching and pulled out of her so as not to come inside her. She asked me what was wrong and I told her I was going to come and didn’t want her getting pregnant. She told me she was on the pill and Des would not be happy unless he had a spunky pussy to eat later. I plunged back into her and within a few seconds I emptied my balls up her pussy. We had a long kiss and then got dressed and headed back to the pub.

When I walked in Des asked us did we have fun to which we both said yes. He smiled and said it was now his turn and he left with Lilly.

I haven’t seen them since so don’t know what will happen when I do. I certainly hope there will be a repeat encounter.