Written by Sammy

25 Apr 2009

I did,nt sleep well,needed a shower when I woke.Looked at myself in the mirror,I still had a good body for a 39 year old.Felt my neatly trimmed pubes had a sudden urge to be smooth.The hair remover stung a little but the result was worth it even my own fingers on my silky lips gave me a tingle.I could,nt stop myself looking out the window,he was in his lounge naked,I felt myself tremble,no sign of an erection I wondered how many times he came off last night.

I had some washing to hang out,I wet some of my sexiest undies as well.I went in the garden in my short dressing gown,naked underneath.I pretended I did,nt see him come into his garden,I acted surprised when he spoke.Hi neighbour he said a big smile on his face,good drying day,I smiled and nodded.

As he hung his briefs on his line he pointed to my undies winked and said nice,I felt myself blush.As he reached up to his line the ends of his dressing gown were blowing in the wind exposing the insides of his tanned muscular thighs,I wondered if he was naked underneath, I know this is cheeky he said but do you fancy joining me for a morning coffee.

I,m not dressed I stuttered,I,m not over dressed myself,come on.He managed to open the little wicker gate between our gardens,I followed him to his kitchen.Daz he said Sammy I stuttered again.He made instant coffee,we went in his lounge he put my coffee on a table by the sofa I sat down.He sat opposite me his dressing gown immediately falling open exposing his complete manhood he made no attempt to cover himself.

He was talking to me but I had no idea what he was saying.I treid not to look between his legs but my eyes would,nt obey.His cock started to move and rise,he just kept talking and smiling.He spread his legs wider apart, in a matter of seconds his cock was erect and throbbing.I picked up my coffee my hands were trembling,he stood up and let his dressing gown fall to the floor took his cock in his hand and gave himself a few slow wanks.

He came towards me and took my coffee cup from my hand then reached down and undid my dressing gown,I felt myself open my legs.His fingers reached and gently stroked my newly smooth fanny then expertly spread my fanny lips wide apart.I lay back and opened my legs fully,his head came between them his tongue slipping into my held open fanny.He knew exactly where my spot was,his rapid tongue movements sending me into orbit.

I have no idea how often I came off.He came from between my legs and stood with his cock,leaking precum, inviting my mouth.I had to open wide to take it in,I held his red hot balls.The taste of his salty precum was heaven.He held my head and fucked my mouth.The first of his hot cum hit my throat,beautiful beautiful beautiful.I drank his cream like I was starving,all too soon he emptied.I continued to suck his lovely cock even as it softened in my mouth.Another cup of coffee he whispered,I smiled.