Written by Dinky Diva

7 Jan 2013

My names Emma & i'm 19. My BF is 33 & we have been together for nearly 2 years now. For the last 6 months we have been having 3somes nearly every weekend. Normally with one of hubbies mates but on a couple of occasions it has been with a stranger we picked up in a club. Having discussed it at length, we both decided that the sex with strangers was so much better. There was more of thrill, more excitement & the only thing we could pu it down was element of danger & risk. We talked & talked about it for ages & we decided that we need to act upon this aspect of our sex lives & enhance it. So last weekend for the start of the new year we came up with a plan to create as much risk as possible & it proved to be the best night out i have ever had, the best sex i have ever had & then the most amazing session with hubbie when i got home. Sat night i put on my new dress that hubbie had ordered for me, a little backless black number that was extremely short. I wore no underwear with it & felt amazing as i looked at myself in the mirror. The plan was for me to go out alone & pick up a complete stranger & just see where it lead. I was so turned on by thought of it & the danger that my pussy was virtually dripping by the time i left the house about 10:30 & got in the Taxi outside. Hubbie had ordered the taxi & gave him the details of where to take me but wouldn't tell me where i was going. It was really exciting. The only thing i was allowed to take was money & fags, nothing else. No coat & definatley no mobile phone. The taxi raced off into the night & by the time we pulled up outside a nightclub at 11pm i was quite lost.

My head was buzzing, i was excited at what i was about to do. I stepped out of the taxi, flashing my pussy to a lad who was stood outside the club. I hiked my dress up a bit so that i had as much on show on possible & marched in to the club. It was packed, the music was thumping & there were hot sweaty lads everywhere i looked. I thought my dress was pretty revealing & daring but it was nothing compared to what some of the girls in this place were wearing.

I got myself a drink & headed to one of the high stools around the edge of the dance floor. I sat there for about half an hour before i got any attention. I was beginning to think that i wasn't gonna pull when this black lad came up to me started rubbing his hand up & down my thigh. His name was Tony & he was 18. We chatted a bit & then started to kiss. After a couple of dances he had discovered i had no knickers on & was busy rubbing my bare pussy. It was an amazing feeling, within an hour of meeting this complete stranger he had invited me back to his flat & we were off.

I still had know idea where i was but by this time i really didn't care. i just wanted this total strangers black cock inside of me. As soon as we got inside his place & the door closed I kicked my shoes of & dropped my dress to the floor. i was now completely naked in this strangers house & totally at his mercy. I felt brilliant. I was on the verge of cumming just stood there. We had amazing night of sex & made love without any condoms 3 times before we fell asleep. I was woken about 10am the following morning by this man licking me to another amazing orgasm before we made love again. It was one of the best experiences i've ever had. Tony dropped off to sleep again a bit later so i used this as my chance to leave. I got up, headed for the front door where i found my dress & shoes from last night. I got "dressed" & snuck out. It was freezing but i was still on amazing high & i could feel Tony's cum running down my leg. I walked down the road & found a lady walking a dog, she gave me a dirty look obviously thinking she knew what i had been up to & she was right. She pointed me in the direction of the nearest bus stop so i set off. I got to the bus stop & found out that i was in a small town nearly 15 miles from where we lived. There wasn't long to wait for a bus so within an hour i was home & in bed with hubbie giving him sloppy seconds having the best sunday afternoon sex session ever. It was totally mind blowing awesome experience. And we both agree it was made even more heightened by the risk.

We made love again Sunday evening when we went to bed as hubbie asked me not to shower until i got ready for work this morning. Absolutely fantastic. The dress will definately be out again this Sat as we try a repeat night in a different town. Can't wait.