Written by pb

22 Mar 2004

while on call last week i got a call out just after midnight to repair a water leak, when i arrived a girl aged about 20 opened the door in a right panic, i quickly sorted the leaking radiator and calmed her down , iwas doing the paperwork when another 2 girls came into the house and were a bit drunk and having a laugh then they seen me ,they quickly set obout trying to wind me up which got me a bit embarrased, but shrugged it off, then 1 of them cam through and said to me "i have a damp patch " well you better let me see it then i replied everybody stoped for a momentand looked at each other then we all laughed, iwas just about to go when the 2 that had been winding me up stoped me andsaid that they really did have damp patches and the will need plugging one said so before i know it 1 of them started undoing my trousers to release my now growing cock, the other pulled of her g strig to show of her neatly trimed pussy, they both looked down at my cock which was now rock hard all 9"of it never had 1 this big she said as she began to suck me i slipped my fingers into the other one she was dripping wet and gyrated on my hand for a bit , i could see the first girl i met when i arrived watch out of a doorway as i was being sucked by one of her freinds , i signaled for her to come over, she but slowly she was from estonia ad did not speak good english but i soon moved for her pussy she had very pail skin pinknipples and a very black hair pussy that i just had to taste , i moved the other 2 down to suck my cock positioned the other one so i could go down and lick her clean she had the most beautiful swollen pusyy ever i managed to get her to cum and she the went wild speaking in her native tounge what a turn onthe other 2 were now in 69 with each other so i began to give it to her doggy style but i felt myself going so i quickly pulled out and showered the 3 of them in spunk they then began licking it up tacking it in turns to suck me clean , i ave been back 3 times to that house and had all 3 in every position i can think off