Written by luckyboy

25 Nov 2004

i have just come back from a night in northampton where i was attending a business conference. being an avid football fan i lefy my hotel and found a pub to wtch the football. i was s at alone at a table enjoying my pint not thinking about getting laid at l. i was joined by an older couple ellie and chris who asked if i minded them shaaring my table. seeing as she was wearing a short skirt and dark stockings as i was about to find who would say no. we chatted about the football i realised that i could see up her skirt and the sight of stocking top was making go very hard. i looked in chris's direction and he was smiling and i began to realise that i was meant to see her and i began to get more turned on. our conversation remained very neutral but very friendly and i spent almost all of my time getting a good view of her now clear red panties. chris left to gothe bar and ellie opened her legs slightly wider and as she did she leant forwrd and whispered to me " you liking the view hon". what could a guy with a raging 9 inch hard on say but yes. ellie leant forward and stroked my by now straining bulge and whispered "he is gopinfg to be all mine" and licked her lips. by now i was embartrasssd to stand as my hard on was so obvious. as chris sat down i noticed him look down at me and he could nt miss what was going on with my cock. i lookd up nd he winked at me. by now i realised that a fantasy wa sabout to be realised but still was not ready for whatwas about to unfold. after finishing the latest drin chris asked if i wanted to come back to their place as he could not drink anymore as he was driving. by now i was sure i was gonna fuck the horny looking ellie and said yes. a swe got to their car ellie said she would sit in the back with me. chris smiled and withij seconds of leaving the carpark my hard cock was being exprtly sucked by ellie. i looked up to see thatchris ws wanking as he drove. this seemed to turn me on more and i stppped ellie and started to lick he pussy. god how we never crashed i dont no cos i would have. on entering their house she wa soon on her knees sucking my cock as he watched and playedwith his cock. soon i was spurting my hot come into her eager mouth. as she took me out chris moved forward and kissed her passionately taking my come into his mouth and then he leant forward and asked if he could clean my cock with his mouth. i had never had any thoughts about being with a man but this was so bizare i went along with it an dsoon he was sucking me clean and back into life. i looked up and she had put on a big strap on and was about to fuck his arse as he sucked my cock. this was getting to much for me and i could feel my come rising for a second time. as i watched her fuck him i came in his mouth. later i got to fuck her pussy from behind a sshe sucked his cock and then after a third come i was so knackered i had to sleep. i woke up to find him sucking my cock as she sucked his and played with her pussy. god what a night. will wank about this one for many months but who ca i tell about this other than readers of this site. sure my wif or mated would not approve especially of the joy at having him suck my cock.