Written by Mike

22 Oct 2003

I am married and very happy with Lucy we have a two year old son and have a very good stable marriage.

Lucy is a flirt and our fantasy was for her to fuck a man if I was there or not. Well she came home from work one day and told me all about Alan her work collegue, how they flirt with each other and on some occasions Alan has asked Lucy whether shes a thongs girl or not and hugs her at work and puts his hands all over her.

I told her he fancys her but she laughs it off. One night we went out to the indian for a meal and while sitting talking and eating in walks Alan he looked across at us and waved to Lucy, she introduced us and Alan looked shy and emmbarresed suppose he was unsure if Lucy had ever told me about his flirting with her. He collected his meal and left. Alan was tall and stocky and could imagine him to be well endowed. Lucy said Well what do you think of him, it turned me on to think he fancied my wife, so we talked later on when in bed and I dared her to come on to alan at work.

After work on the Monday she told me that Alan had flirted with her more and told her he was starved of sex, he was married with kids and his wife was pregannt and had gone of sex. I then told Lucy to offer it to him then.

On the tuesday she came home smiling and said Alan had tried to touch her tits as a laugh, she then said if you want to touch them then meet me tonight.

Lucy asked if I minded her meeting Alan and I said no so she called him and arranged to meet him. I was so hard at the thought of my wife being so horny. she got dressed up and of she went.

Later that night she returned home smiling I asked if she had a good time and she said great. alan had taken Lucy to a park in the town where they sat in his car and talked and talked but nothing happened except foreplay.

Lucy showed Alan her tits and sucked her nipple, she then un did Alans trousers and his cock was average size and wet on the end with pre come, Alan wanked and Lucy fingered her cunt until she made her self come with her fingers and Alan come all over her tits.

He then told Lucy he wants to fuck her but feels guilty because of his wife.

the next day at work alan came on to Lucy even stronger with trying to put his hand up her short skirt I will tell you what happened