Written by Paul and Sally

6 Jun 2004

My thirty-ninth birthday was approaching, I was taking stock of my sexual situation and I wasn’t impressed. A cv including two ex-husbands and several former lovers was nothing to boast about. Nor was my current solitary state. No doubt I was responsible for some of the difficulties but that didn’t make me feel any better when I looked back. Although not all the problems and shortcomings were sexual, and anyway sex isn’t the be-all and end-all of my life but it is certainly one of the most important. I am not the kind of woman who can put sex in cold storage and not bother about it.

Three days after I turned eighteen I set out to lose my virginity and found it an unsatisfactory and painful business. My first marriage at twenty was a mistake. The sex was very good in the way that young sex probably is for most couples - we did it anywhere and everywhere, though not with much subtlety or imagination. So when that began to wear off we discovered that we had very little else that we wanted to do together, and agreed to part.

In the way these things happen, I went to another extreme with my second husband - he was twenty years older than me and extremely skilful in bed. The trouble was that after he had removed most of my inhibitions and taught me to use my body in ways I had scarcely dreamed of - for my own pleasure as well as his - he felt it was mission accomplished. He needed a fresh challenge and simply moved on to someone else who was twenty years younger.

Between and around those two unsatisfactory alliances I succumbed to the need to have my itch scratched by various short-term partners. One or two were even different enough to teach me something new but the ones who were good with their hand in my knickers were disappointing in most other ways, and vice versa. At the point that I sat down to take stock, I realised what had prompted this soul-searching: it was nearly three months since a man had had his hand, or anything else, between my legs.

All this was in my mind when I met Sue, my sister, for our monthly lunch. Sue is three years my senior, married to Robin, a successful banker, big house in the country, mortgage paid, two children, both off her hands. Every fourth Saturday, while Robin plays golf, Sue and I have lunch together. As children, we squabbled a lot but that passed and, with the years, we have grown quite close. It would be wrong to say that we knew everything about each other, but when the need arose - as with my divorces, for example - we could talk quite freely to each other. This time I may have had a glass or two of wine more than usual, or maybe my physical frustration was nearer the surface than I realised, but whatever the reason, I found myself confessing not all, but much, to Sue.

Before commenting, she looked round the restaurant to ensure we were not overheard. Then she said, “Reading between the lines, it’s not so much the lack of company that’s bothering you - you’re just not getting enough sex. Yes?”

“Up to a point, yes.”

“Why up to a point?”

“Because there are plenty of offers. Or at least, not exactly offers. It’s not easy in a big company for a man to proposition the Head of Personnel, but I can read the signals. I would only have to show the slightest interest and we would be discussing the possibility of a dirty week-end. Maybe it would be all right, but I’ve had dirty week-ends in the past that were so awful they felt like a dirty month.”


“I don’t know, Sue. This is certainly about sex. I find myself thinking about it too often, and then the solution is the vibrator but - you know ... “

My sister smiled but said nothing.

“I think I’m not just looking for some new man but some new experience. Different.”

“Such as?”

I paused, weighing up what to say. I knew what had been on my mind but was I prepared to tell my sister? Having got this far, and also had enough wine to help, I decided there was no point in retreating.

“Well, such as group sex.”

Sue’s face revealed nothing, leaving me to continue. “I’m not talking about some kind of gang bang or a huge orgy with dozens of people writhing all over the floor. But - “

“But you’ve been looking back and thinking about what you might have missed. The old syndrome: why aren’t I having wonderful sex when everyone else is. And we all know about the swinging scene. Have you looked at that on the internet.”

I nodded.


“Yes, if I could be sure of what I was getting into. The people, how would I decide who to approach, if we did meet, how would we break the ice, how would we feel after - after, you know.”

“My poor Sis, you are in a mess, aren’t you?” (Our parents named me Wilhelmina, but at college I came to be called Billie, and that had stuck. Sue had called me Sis from childhood and wouldn’t change now.)

“I guess I am,” I said.

“All right then, let’s be positive. Let’s take it you want to go down this road if we can figure out the how. For a start, it must gave occurred to you that you are likely to be involved with other women - or at least, another woman.`’


“Amy experience?”




Smiling broadly, Sue reached across the table and touched my arm. “Well, that’s positive enough, isn’t it?”

“If you say so.”

“What I have to say to you is this: you’re like someone standing on the side of the pool thinking the water looks lovely and wondering how it would be if you jumped in. Right?”


“Well, the only way you’ll find out is to jump in. And that’s what you have to do.”

“I know. What i don’t know is quite where to jump in.”

Sue’s hand took mine and squeezed reassuringly. After another careful look round and lowering her voice, she said, “Hasn’t it struck you that I know a bit about the subject?” Before I could absorb the implication of that, she went on. “Listen. When I get home from here, I shall have a bath, put on my sexiest knickers and a peep-through bra, and Robin and I will join four of our neighbours for a drinks party that will have one purpose and one only. Does that shock you?”

My first thought was that I should be shocked. But why? If there was a lot of liberal sexuality around why shouldn’t my brother-in-law and my sister be enjoying it? If they enjoyed it and it was reliably discreet, why ever not?

“No,” I said. “I’m surprised, of course I am. And if I think about it, envious. Is it good?”

“We wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t. And it can be marvellous. Of course, Robin and I still enjoy ourselves when we’re alone, but there is an element of going through the same hoops that you’ve been through before. With the six of us there’s variety, one-on-one, two-on-one, all-in, sometimes with a man, sometimes with a woman. All I can tell you is that I have more orgasms in one of those sessions than I ever have any other time.”

“Lucky you. But how did it all come about in the first place?”

“Quite naturally, really. A dinner party for Robin’s birthday. One of the others brought him a porn video as a present - a joke, really, but someone dared him to put it on, and it was surprisingly good. Soon we were getting turned on, one of the women opened her top - and well, it went on from there. Now we get together every few weeks in one or another’s house.”

“I’m still trying to take all this in - and, I’m sorry, but I don’t really see how it relates to me.”

“Oh, Sis, don’t be so obtuse. Do you think I would’ve told you all this if I didn’t want you to join us?”

Now I really couldn’t think what to say. I mean, I’m no shrinking violet, and for some time my mind had been preoccupied with how to get some sexual excitement back into my life, but I hadn’t been prepared for my older sister to offer me - almost literally - a helping hand. Eventually,I said, “You really mean that, don’t you?”

“I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t. Look, from our point of view a newcomer will spice up the occasion. The men won’t need asking twice, and I can say from experience that the other two wives will welcome you with open arms ... “ she lowered her voice again “... and legs. And think about it from your point of view. The problem of finding a compatible group is solved for you, and Robin and I will be there to take care nothing gets out of hand. For goodness sake, it’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“More than I can tell you. But how is it going to work out with - “

“With Robin and me, you mean? As long as it’s not a problem for you, I believe it won’t be for us. Robin is just a randy sod anyway, so the only question is about you and me. I’ll be honest and say that until half an hour ago, I’d never remotely thought about you in that way. But now, if we were alone here, I could lie you back on this table and - well, it will have to be a pleasure deferred. I’ll tell you this, though - I’m rather looking forward to it. ”

The more I thought about it, so was I.


The following day, Sue rang. “Our conversation over lunch - have you changed your mind?”

“No. I’ve hardly thought about anything else.”

“Good. Then it’s on - three weeks time. I brought it up over drinks last night - before anything started. Not only was everyone in favour, it had an effect on the evening. You could tell everyone was beginning to imagine how it would be with one extra. So that’s a date?”

“I wish it was tonight.”

“So do I, Sis. Incidentally, bring a toothbrush and some clean knickers for afterwards Robin says you’ll want to have a few drinks so you mustn’t drive back to your place. We have plenty of guest room - or Robin says you can share our bed. He can’t wait, either.”

“Anything else I need to know?”

“I don’t think so. Oh, yes, dress code. This is a thing the men insist on. The other two are much the same as Robin, stuffy businessmen who spend most of the week lusting after secretaries or clients, mentally undressing them and the rest. You know men. Well, to please them, we women are encouraged to wear formal dresses - a nice cocktail dress, that kind of thing - but to be as sexy as you like underneath. The anticipation game, they call it.”

Just about every night for the next three weeks I was no sooner in bed than my mind began to imagine what was to happen at Sue and Robin’s party. Thinking, visualising wasn’t enough - I had to relieve the tension that grew so quickly. Sometimes I resorted to the vibrator but most times I preferred the greater control, the ability to vary the tempo, that I could achieve with my fingers. Then, four days before the date, I made myself stop. I know a man’s orgasm is largely a physical business, but a woman’s needs to start in her mind. I knew that a few tantalising days of abstinence would take me to the party in a high state of readiness and unlikely to have any second thoughts.


It was Sue and Robin’s turn to host the party. I arrived during the afternoon, pampered myself in the bath, dressed in my new black undies and went down to wait. I refused Robin’s request for a quick preview but I was taken by surprise in the kitchen when Sue came behind me, pressed herself against me, kissed the back of my neck and put her arms round me to squeeze my breasts. “Sorry about that,” she said when she broke away. “It’s just that I can hardly wait to see you in action - do enjoy yourself, and remember to save some for me.”

First to arrive were Piers and Joy, late forties I guessed (Sue told me later that they were actually both turned fifty), expensively dressed, confident but not aggressively so. When we shook hands, Joy said, “I gather Sue has told you what to expect but do know that we are all thrilled to have you here; it’s natural to be nervous but I can assure you there’s no need.”

Soon we were joined by a rather younger couple, Tony and Caro. I was aware that they both looked me over as if to see whether I measured up to their expectations. Perhaps sensing as much, Caro said, “We’re so pleased you’ve been persuaded to join us. Sue told us we wouldn’t be disappointed, and I’m sure she is right. You’ll find we’re very relaxed here.”

Robin came in with champagne while Sue played hostess. Their drawing room was spacious enough to accommodate a large sofa and two smaller ones, but Sue forestalled our move to seat ourselves. “We’ll want to move upstairs later but for now, no couples together.” Eventually, that resulted in Sue and Piers on one sofa, Robin and Caro on another with Joy and me on either side of Tony. There was some desultory small talk but soon Sue took charge again.

“We’re all being a bit coy, aren’t we? We’ve all been looking forward to Sis - to Billie - joining us, to the point that I suspect we’ve had all the anticipation we can take. I suggest we start.”

With that she came to me, took my hands and led me to the centre of the room where she put her arms round me and kissed me full on the mouth. When her tongue probed, I found myself responding instinctively. It seemed to last for ever, but finally Sue broke away, turned her back to me and said, “Darling, undress me. But don’t hurry, Make sure everyone can see.”

She was wearing an olive green dress that came to just below her knees. The room was silent, tense and expectant. I realised that they had all been building to this moment as I had. Taking my cue, I lifted the skirt to reveal Sue in dark green knickers and stockings. I held the hem high until the others had seen, then let it fall. The dress buttoned at the back. When enough were open, I slipped the dress from her shoulders. Her breasts were not large but given the benefit of an underwired bra, in matching green, they pushed upwards to give due prominence to small dark nipples. My fingers brushed them, then closed around the firm globes. Reluctantly after a while, I abandoned them to complete the unbuttoning. The dress fell to the floor and Sue turned slowly through three hundred and sixty degrees for everyone to relish her slim figure.

“Good, Sue.” The voice was Robin’s. “Now the next. Let Billie help you.”

Plainly this was part of their regular ritual. Sue led me to a high stool and bent over it before taking my hand and placing it on her left buttock. The invitation was irresistible. I caressed her, stroked the fabric stretched across her pert bottom and, as she widened her stance, reached between her legs to discover dampness there. Sue sighed. “Lovely, Sis, lovely. But no more yet. Your turn now.”

When I took my place in the centre of the room with Sue in attendance, I saw that the others had been unable to remain passive observers. Robin and Piers were now seated each side of Caro who was leaning back watching me with wide eyes while clearly responding to the attention of the two men. Robin had opened her blouse and was freeing an ample breast before applying his mouth to a pink nipple. Piers, meanwhile, had raised Caro’s skirt round her thighs and was easing her legs wider so that he could inserting two fingers inside her white knickers.

On the other sofa, Joy already stripped to a skimpy underwear set in midbrown with a white lace trimming, was kneeling in front of Tony to extract his penis from his trousers. As Sue murmured endearments while undressing me, I watched Joy’s hand smoothly rising and falling to encourage Tony’s member to its full extent.

When we were all down to our undies or less - Robin had shed everything and was offering his penis to Caro’s lips - Sue suggested that we gather our glasses and adjourn to the master bedroom where more champagne awaited us. More to the point, there was a huge king-size bed and mirrors everywhere. One whole wall was mirrored wardrobe and it was not long before it reflected an erotic mix of foreplay.

Then it became apparent how eager everyone was to savour this new addition to their intimate little group. I was gently led to the bed and urged on to my back. Joy eased my knickers off and knelt between my legs. I felt her tongue begin to lap around my already leaking folds, but my view was obscured by Caro who leaned across me so that I could apply my tongue to her nipples. Suddenly she gasped as a slap to her buttocks added another dimension to the activity. She stood and Robin took her across his knee to continue the spanking, making sure that it was arousing rather than punishing. Now I could see, I realised that Tony was entering Joy from behind while she continued her attention to my vagina. It was so exquisitely done that I rose to the most vivid of orgasms which she contrived to prolong by probing inside me with two fingers while maintaining contact with her mouth.

All the variations seemed to come and go. I rode Robin to the verge of climax until he groaned and begged me to stop. Piers mounted me from behind and maintained a wonderful rhythm before summoning his wife to lie underneath me and lick me to another orgasm which he matched at the crucial moment by burying his member in me and holding it there, clutching my hips while the great wave surged through my body.

I think Robin and Sue must have agreed to delay their involvement with me to the very end. When it happened, it was marvellous. Sue by then was beyond controlling herself. She straddled my face, pressing her labia on to my mouth and calling out to her husband, “Now Robin. I want you to fuck her. I want to see your cock driving into her cunt. Harder. It’s what she needs, so give it to her.”

Impossible to resist being caught up in the general air of lust and desire, it was indeed what I wanted. I thrust with my pelvis to meet the cock that was slamming into me. I gripped Sue’s body, lifting her slightly so that my tongue could lick her bottom as well as her cunt. And so it went on until Robin gave a huge groan, withdrew and shot cum on to my stomach and breasts. Seeing this, Sue reached down and fingered herself to an orgasm before collapsing. I think it was Tony who entered me to give me my final orgasm.

After it was over and the others had departed we three did share a bed as Robin had suggested. But it was he who soon fell asleep, leaving Sue and I to explore each other’s bodies for most of another hour.

Lunch with Sue had been more rewarding than I could possibly have guessed


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