Written by Mike

21 Aug 2004

A few years ago I was on a chat site and began chatting to this woman. We chatted on a regular basis for a few weeks and then exchanged emails, as she lived local to me we eventually agreed to meet up for a lunchtime drink at a country pub.

The meet was, to say the least nerve racking, when we met in the pub car park, I was very surprised and pleased with my date. She was 10 years older than me, in her mid 40's, dark hair very slim pert figure, she was very good looking and no doubt a real stunner when she was younger.

We went and had a drink or two in the pub, and I could tell things were going well between us. When we came to leave, I gave her a peck on the cheek, she then put her arms around my neck and we began to snogg, god she tasted wonderful. After a few minutes, I suggested we get in to my car and go for a drive, and find a nice quiet spot, she eagerly agreed. We drove for a while with her gripping my hand throughout the journey, before I found a small track off a country lane.

I pulled up, stopped the engine and we recommenced our snogging session.

Whilst we were embracing, I noticed a small tatoo on her shoulder, I commented on how nice it looked. She then said " I have anther tatoo". I keenly volunteered to search for it. The tattoo I discvered was at the top of her thigh, I ran my finger over it and then casually pulled her thong down her long tanned legs. I placed my fingers in her very moistened crack and began to finger fuck her, she went wild, it was fortunate we were miles from anywhere, as she moaned so loudly with pleasure. After a few minutes, she began to to unfasten my belt, I was so bloody glad as my cock was straining to get out and take part in some action. She eventually unfastened the belt and pulled my trousers and briefs down, my cock sprang out, I had never seen it looking so big, she put her mouth immeadiately around the throbbing head and began to move her head up and down the shaft, whilst she was doing this I continued to finger fuck her. I eventually shot my lot into her mouth, what a bloody relief. She came up for air, I offered her a tissue so that she could spit out my come, too late she had swallowed the bloody lot!

She placed her head on my shoulder and we chatted for a while as I continued to explore her cunt with my fingers. It was not long before we were kissing again, I managed to keep kissing ad fingering her whilst I put the front passenger seat back into recline position, I slowly worked my way across from the driver to the front passenger seat and lay on top her, my reerected 7" cock needed no help in finding the "way home", she moaned as my full length went in to her moist crack, "fuck me", "fuck me" she cried, I gave her slow strokes at first, she commented on hard my cock was, I slowly built up to full speed, I was enjoying the action so much I wanted to hold off coming for as long as possible, I could feel her building up to climax and she screamed out she was coming ,eventually I could not hold back any longer and shot my load in to her for the second time that day.

After half an hour we had another quick shag, this time with her on top, she had 2 kidsbut her fanny muscles were as tight as any younger woman I have ever had.

After that session, we met every couple of weeks or so for three years, she moved away from the area as her husband got a job elsewhere in the country, we kept in touch via email. She still visits this area evey now and again to see family, when she has time, we meet for a drink and some fun in my car.

The above is a genuine true story, if you don't believe me, I don't care because I know it's true.