Written by Silver lecher

20 Oct 2006

Travelling to town by bus a few days ago I found myself seated nex to a petite not unattractive lady of a similar age to my own. We were both amused at the actions of a toddler in a push chair and started chatting.

As the bus approached the town centre I invited her for a coffee and she accepted. When we alighted from the bus she took my arm as if it was a natural thing and we walked through town. Over coffee we talked and discovered that we were in similar situation, we lived alone me being a widower whose sons had grown up and left home, she having lost her partner a few years earlier.

Having done our shopping she asked if I would like to go to her place for a spot of lunch. I accepted, not knowing what would follow but hoping for more intimate encounter. After lunch she suggested that we get a bit more comfortable and as we rose from the table I took her in my arms and gently kissed her. She was pressed against me and could not hyave failed to feel my erection pressing against her body. Instead of going into the lounge as I expected she took my hand and led me up the stairs to yher bedroom where we ripp-ed each other's clothes off ans fell on to the bed. What happened next was not a tender lovemaking but pure unadulterated lust as we rutted like two animals, each taking what we needed giving no thought to the other's needs or wants. Neither of us was looking for a commited relationship. In the post-coital euphoria we each felt a little ashamed of our behaviour and as we lay there we gently explored each other's body before I rolled her on to her back and gently entered her for a second time. This time it was a genjtle genuine love making before we both came and I d8ischrged my semen into her warm wet pussy. We had coffee before a third session of gentle intercourse.

We both knew that this was a one-off and would never happen again.