Written by Diane

10 Oct 2004

My name's Diane, some weeks ago my husband Brian posted a story about my Turkish lover, Mahir. He was going to tell you a bit more about what we did on that holiday but we decided that it would be better coming from me. Mahir is very proud of his country and it's history, so are we about ours so we eagerly agreed that we would like him to show us some of the ancient sites. The first was on a mountain called Kadianda (Fethiye is enclosed on three sides by mountains with the sea on the other side). We picked Mahir up at about ten in the morning and he directed Brian to the mountain. Getting there we were quite surprised to find that there was a track one could drive up,although it was very rough. The track was very steep in places and we must have driven half a mile or so when Mahir said, "Stop, I fuck you. Brian take photos!" Now Mahir only had to look at me and I got wet and I felt a thrill of anticipation. We got out of the car and went into the trees that covered the mountain. Then Mahir stopped, "I fuck you now!" he said.

He took me in his arms and kissed me, his kisses went through like fire and I could feel his erection pressing hard on my stomach. I saw Brian preparing his camera, he was a bit of a photo expert at the time. Mahir continued kissing me and caressing my breasts through my thin top and bra. I undid my blouse and, undoing my bra,released my breasts. Mahir immediately began kissing them and sucking my nipples, the thrills ran through me, going straight to my fanny. Then he put his hand up my skirt and felt my fanny. My knickers were wet of course and he put his hand up to the waist and pulled them down.I took them off and he caressed my swollen, open fanny. Oh God it was so erotic, as I got his cock out and bent to kiss it. He has over eight inches and it's so thick my fingers won't go all the way round it. Nevertheless I wanked him until he said again, "I fuck you!"

He turned me round, bent me over and threw my skirt over my back. I spread my legs wide and felt his cock nudging my cunt, Brian was on the ground taking photos of Mahir's cock going into my cunt. I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was knowing that Brian was recording Mahir's cock entering me! And he went on taking photographs from all sorts of angles as Mahir fucked me. Just the feel of his magnificent cock thrilled me to the bone, I could feel my cunt opening and closing like a fish's mouth. He was always a strong thruster and lasted too. After a while I noticed that Brian had put the camera down and had his cock out. He's got a lovely cock, just over seven inches, nowhere near as thick as Mahir's but a really beautiful shape, the best looking cock I've ever seen and he knew how to use it. I grabbed it and sucked it into my mouth. Brian is good at sex and he soon adjusted his thrusts to Mahir's. I though I was going to faint from the sheer pleasure and intensity of my sexual feelings.I wasn't coming all the time but I soon forgot who the men fucking me were as my mind was filled with incredible sexual images and the orgasms roared through me.

Brian had his hand on Mahir's shoulders saying,"Go on Mahir, fuck her, fuck her lovely cunt!" And Mahir replied, "I am fucking her! My yarak is filling her cunt!"

Brian was holding me up and fucking my mouth at the same time, then Mahir groaned and started coming, his jerky thrusts pumping loads of spunk deep into my cunt. My reaction set Brian off and he shot his load deep down my throat. I have never, before or since, experienced such depth of feeling as those two men came in me, it was quite frankly indescribable. Both men's spunk tasted pleasant to me and I had no qualms about taking Mahir's cock into my mouth afterwards and cleaning it with my tongue.

Both men congratulated each other and me as we walked back to the car and that wasn't the end of the day, but I will continue that on another occasion.