Written by pete

7 Mar 2006

As they were both bent over on the bed at the same time, both hal and paul said take turn and guided my stiff warm kock inside pauls ass. What a feeling i must have push 3 times into his glory hole and almost came instantly he stopped me and said please go slower so that i would last longer. Its quite different when banging your wife from the front or her ass i guess its not as exciting,.

So for the next 15 or 20 minutes i was slipping my hard kock between both of their lubed up asses.Next they both took turns riding me. hal was on top and paul was licking my ball sack while the other one was sitting on me within 2minutes later i shot my hot imean hot juices inside his bum, he then rolled on over and i was still hard so i fucked paul or shall isay that he rode me that time lasted 45 minutes getting sore they both then rolled me over and gave me a back and ass massage, and was fingering my butt hole felt quite nice since that has never ever happend to me before.

Within 3 minutes i was feeling horney and a weird feeling paul had around a 7inch thick penis that i felt trying to penitarte my bum. Hurt a little at first but he gradually shoved himself in and was rocking me back and forth and i started to like it somewhat, now hal was moving his 6.5 smaller of the two dicks toward my mouth i felt good already so i took it my mouth and started to lick it and suck for a bit. I wasnt that good be he came not on my face but on my chest and paul finally came as well within 5 minutes later. all over my bum crack. That was a night to be remember.

Its been a while now we recently seen eachother at the local grocery store so time will tell what happens in the near future.